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    Hi everyone,

    So my buddy and I are driving crossing country from Boston to LA. We're looking to make the trip in about 10 days, hoping to get some fun sight seeing done along the way (natural, off-beat, anything goes). We'd also like to avoid driving in snowy/bad conditions so we want to stay south. Does anyone have any recommendations on optimal routes? I'm finding it pretty arduous planning all this out, since I've never done this before. I'd love to see what some people who may have already done the trip would recommend. Thanks!

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    Looks like I-70 to I-40 would be a southern direct route.??

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    Default When are you traveling?

    If you're traveling in the winter, you are just as likely to hit ice storms on I-40 as you are to hit snow farther north. And, of the two, I'd rather drive on snow than ice. In other words, we generally recommend that you have some flexibility built into your schedule for winter travel. Watch weather reports and be willing and able to change your route if bad weather is forecast for the way you intended to go that day.

    In good weather, you can make this drive on a speed-run in about 5 days. In the winter, this same trip can take you 5 days or the entire 10 days. It just really depends on what kind of weather you come across. Actually, I think in the winter that 5 days would be pushing it unless you get some sublime weather. You need to modify your driving in rain, for example, not to mention the other type of weather conditions you might come across.

    I'm sure we can help you plan a good trip if you give us a bit more idea of where you want to go and what you want to see.

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