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    Default Planning summer trip from CA to NY

    Happy New year to everyone. I'm looking for some guidance in planning a trip this summer with my two teens (age 16 and 13). I will be the sole driver. I live out of the US so I'm planning on renting a car. We plan on flying into Northern California then heading south to San Diego and then heading cross country to NY. I have an aunt I'd like to see in Alburquerque, NM. I'd also like to see Grand Canyon, but am unsure of any other stops I'd want to make. ANy ideas on routes? days needed to do this trip, etc?

    Thanks for the help

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    Default its all available

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can make a cross country trip in as little as 5-6 days, if you are just looking to make time. It could also take you months or years if you really stopped to see everything there is along the way. I'd say take whatever time you've got available, and then build from there.

    I can't help too much with a route right now either, because I don't know what you want things you are interested in or how much time you have available. Visits to the Grand Canyon and Albq would both certainly be very feasable ideas, and they are things you should work into your plan if they are important to you.

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    Default Start with These and Add Time and Destinations as Needed

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The minimum driving time for such a trip would be 6 days, but if you want to actually stop and see anything along the way you'll have to add some more time. For example, while you can probably get from San Francisco to San Diego in a solid (and long) day's drive, two would be better and would allow you some time to take the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) at least for part of your trip. From San Diego to New York, the most direct route would be roughly I-8 to Phoenix, I-17 up to Flagstaff, I-40 to Oklahoma City, I-44 to St. Louis, I-70 to Harrisburg and I-78 to New York. That would take 5 days at a minimum, but does go through Albuquerque. The Grand Canyon is an hour or so north of Flagstaff, so two hour minimum round trip plus the time you spend there. Depending on what you and your children want to see, You should also look at a different route after Oklahoma City continuing east on I-40 through Tennessee and then using I-81 northeast and maybe side stepping east to I-95 to see Washington and Philadelphia.


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