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  1. Default Las Vegas - San Fransisco July 08


    Just found this forum and my first posting. I am planning a trip starting July 6th in Vegas where we are based for a week. We then have another 13 days to travel up to San Fransisco as we fly out back to the UK from there.

    There are three of us (2 drivers) and we would love to do a road trip combining national parks and some coastline too. Anyone got any ideas for a good itinerary and also driving times between places. And do we see the Grand Canyon while we are staying in Vegas or incorporate it as part of our road trip.



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We've already got a few hundred threads discussing the wide variety of options on a trip between Vegas and San Francisco. Here's a list of a few of our favorites and you can find even more ideas by browsing or searching the forum.

  3. Default Proposed itinerary


    Had a good look around the threads and have come up with this itinerary. What do people think - are we missing anything? And are there places other than LA and San Fransisco where we should stay more than one night?

    Las Vegas – Bryce canyon – lake Powell- monument valley – Grand canyon – Scottsdale – LA – Santa Barbara – Monterey – Yosemite – San fransisco

    Thanks folks


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    I hate to beat the same old drum but I'm gonna recommend one of my favourites once more. Not sure of your plans for Lake Powell but be certain to visit the Horseshoe Bend just outside Page AZ. In the area you also have the Glen Canyon Dam (tours available) and Navajo Bridge to visit.

    Will you be camping or hoteling? If you can - either way - try to spend an evening at Monument Valley. Try Gouldings Lodge who offer both. The sunrise and sunset are spectacular and have to be seen. Also try to do a navajo led tour through Monument Valley itself rather than just looking from the distant visitor center.

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    Thanks for the post and the ideas. Just had a look at the Gouldings site. Look great. We are doing hotels and want to mix some budget and some where we can chill. We have a week accommodation booked in Vegas so far and will want to do a bit of touring from there too as we wont want a whole week of bright lights and shopping.


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    Yeah, I'd agree there. It'd drive you mad, quite honestly! You could, if funds permit, do the helicopter trip from Vegas airport that takes you down over the Grand Canyon. I would also recommend Death Valley - awesome place - which could be a (long) day trip.

  7. Default trips from Vegas

    As our accommodation there came as a 7 night timeshare package we dont mind abandoning Vegas overnight for a worthwhile trip. so death valley overnight stop could be an option?

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    Oh, absolutely. In fact I would seriously recommend it. Check out Furnace Creek Resort

  9. Default Great advice

    Whilst you are giving some great advice - can I ask another question about LA?

    We are not too keen on driving through or stying in LA but would like to do the city tour. Is there somewhere close to the city we could park up and stay and then go do the city tour - does that sound mad?

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    To be honest, I didn't spend much time in LA, so I can't really offer any advice of any quality on that issue. The little bit we did (LAX, Dodgers Stadium, Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica) was no real problem at all. Though I don't doubt, like any major city, there are times to avoid the area. But I'll leave it to a local to advise on that.

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