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  1. Default Aussies Planning 2009 Road Trip

    Hi, we are a family of 4 (kids will be 9 & 13) from Western Australia planning on renting an RV and driving through the USA May to July 2009.

    We have worked out a rough route that would see us to a 2 week trip from San Francisco to Seattle and return. We then plan to fly to NY to start on a 4 week trip that takes in Niagara Falls, out to Mt Rushmore and then back to NY via Nashville and Washington. We will be trying to stay away from the major arterial roads where possible.

    Are we mad? Are our timeframes realistic given that we do not want to spend all day every day behind the wheel.

    Any advise that we can get in regard to RV rental, campsite information, and suggestions of things to see and do would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default lacking logistics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Could you explain to me why you would take one trip along the west coast, and then fly to New York, if you are just planning to drive all the way back west to South Dakota?

    Have you considered just making this one long 6 week, cross country trip? It would seem to be a lot easier, and probably a lot cheaper too.

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    Hi Michael,

    Our plan was to do a "dummy run" up the west coast and then take a weeks break in Vegas after the first leg as we reckon that 6 unbroken weeks is too long for us in an RV.

    We also planned to fly into NY to do the Manhattan tourist "thing" for the best part of a week and then head off on the 2nd leg of our holiday.

    Would you consider it better to head to Rushmore as part of the Western leg? I have relatives in Cedar Rapids and we though that this could be a base for us to do a fast run out to Mt Rushmore and back.

    Steve & Jodi

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    Cedar Rapids is 10-12 hours from Mnt Rushmore e/w.
    How do you want to reach Las Vegas? By plane? And one week Las Vegas is a very long time. Mnt Rushmore is just one of the sights in South Dakota. You can spend much more time for Black Hills and Badlands NP. Would not it be easier to drive SF-Seattle, visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton NP and the Black Hills/Badland area on your way to Cedar Rapids and continue to NY from there?

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    Default maybe RV less?

    I guess there is nothing wrong with your plan, it just is quite unconventional.

    As far as making Cedar Rapids a base for a "quick trip" to Mt. Rushmore, the distance between those two point is 700 miles - or at least 12-13 hours one way. Actually, it will probably be even longer in an RV, where you won't be able to drive quite as fast.

    By comparison, its about 1200 miles from Seattle to Mt. Rushmore. So even if you bypass Yellowstone, Glacier, or the other great attractions along the way in this scenic part of the country, it would only be an extra day of driving compared to starting from Cedar Rapids. And that of course ignores that you will already have to travel more than 1000 miles to get from NY to Iowa.

    I guess I don't really understand your concerns about spending too much time in an RV either. You can still spend a night in a hotel if you'd like, or perhaps you'd be even better off simply renting a large car, van, or SUV and spending all of your nights in hotels - which would be cheaper anyway, and much cheaper than renting 2 separate RVs.

    Like I said, there isn't anything wrong with what you are planning to do, per se. However, I think you're going to be spending a lot more money, and you'll be missing a ton of really great attractions, all while driving a lot more miles than you need compared to just making this a straight cross country roadtrip.

  6. Default Sounds better

    Thanks for the info
    What about if we hired a car in LA for 2wks and drive up to San Fran etc across to Vegas pick up RV for 6wks and head to Mt Rushmore to New York etc would that be a better idea
    We don't want to spend more than 5-6wks in an RV

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    Default That route would definitely work

    How much of that route you spend in a car and how much of it you spend in an RV is up to you and will also depend on what kind of arrangements you can make with the RV rental companies. I'd start planning with them and see if that will work, and then work on the car rental.

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