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    We are planning a 4 month trip in the fall of 2008 and plan to spend about 3 weeks in the Boston, New York and Washington areas. We do not plan to take our 5th wheel into these large busy cities. Does anyone have any suggestions for RV campgrounds on the outskirts of these cities to use as a base. Also what is the best way to get around in these cities. City bus tours etc.?

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    I don't know of any RV parks in those areas off hand, but I have to think that a good RV park directory would have plenty of options for you to consider.

    As far as getting around those cities, all of them have excellent public transportation systems which I would take advantage of. They will let you see the things you want to see, without being tied down to the schedule of a bus tour.

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    There are many state parks within an hour or less of Boston, New York and in both suburban Maryland and Virginia in addition to the usual commercial campgrounds. As far as getting around in those cities, each is actually highly walkable and all have useful subway systems and commuter rail service. None are particularly easy places for the out-of-towner to drive or park, so I'd suggest that you research commuter train schedules and locations to find stations that are relatively near your campsite and far from the city. Plan on taking the train (or subway if it extends far enough) into town after the morning rush hour, seeing a set of attractions within walking distance of each other, and getting out before (or after) evening rush hour. Boston in particular is a great walking city with the Freedom Trail and most of the well known Washington sites are on or close to the National Mall.


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