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    I'm traveling from Savannah to Reno and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best route. I know that I-80 is the quickest but I'm not sure how safe it is in the winter. I'm also considering I-70 or I-40. If anyone has any experience with this route in winter I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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    In the winter, it is better not to choose your route too early and then just push on regardless of what the weather may bring, but rather to have a couple of routes planned out and then choose between them in the last couple of days before departure when you can see what road conditions will actually be like along each of them. Also, there is a general misconception that southern routes must always be better. In fact the northern transcontinental interstates are more likely to get snow, but the states along them are very well equipped to handle it. The southern interstates are more susceptible to ice and freezing rain and those states typically have less winter road equipment.

    So, in your case, you are right that 'I-80' (I-16/I-75/I-24/I-57/I-64/I-70/I-29/NE-2/I-80) is the most direct all-interstate route, and should be your preferred way to go. But have a back-up just in case snow and/or high winds are predicted during your time of travel. A good alternative would be I-16/I-75/I-20/US-78/I-40/US-93/US-95 through Birmingham, Memphis, and Las Vegas. If even that looks meteorologically challenged, you can head even farther south: I-16/I-75/I-20/I-10/US-93/US-95 through Dallas, El Paso, and Tucson. The first option adds only 20 miles to your overall driving distance and even the second option adds only 200, but keep all the options open and don't just assume that farther south means better.


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    Thanks for the great suggestions. I'm going to take your advice and wait and see what the weather brings and decide which route to take when it's time to leave. I hadn't thought about the possibility of ice on the southern roads where they are unequipped to deal with it. This will be my first road trip heading towards the west so I really appreciate the input.

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