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    Hey folks were currently wanting to go to America for 3 weeks in late summer for a road trip there are 4 of us all 21 and were looking to fly to New York hire a car and drive to LAX. We have found flights ok and we’ve looked at hiring cars but can only find policies that let 1 person drive. Does anyone out there know any other companies that might be helpful? Were wanting to get a Mini van or something bigger so if any one can help it would be really helpful.

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    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Rental car companies really don't like renting to drivers under 25, and they pretty much won't rent to anyone under 21. They also don't like renting to groups of unrelated people. And they really wish people would not take them up on that 'unlimited mileage' come-on but would just drive from the airport to their meeting and back. Nothing against you and your friends, it's just that their experience is that they are far more likely to get their cars back some-to-quite the worse for wear in any of those cases. So imagine their consternation when four unrelated 21 year olds show up wanting a car for a three week joy ride across the continent. At best, you are going to pay a hefty premium for any car you hire, both because of your age and the fact that you're going to be leaving the car 3000 miles from where you picked it up. And don't even think about renting under one name and then using other drivers. You will be voiding your contract by doing so and will be subject to all kinds of liability and fines should you get a ticket (yes, the rental car company will know) or have an accident (yes, they will know) or require any assistance. Sometimes life just gives you lemons.


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    Just as i thought then. lol cheers for the response any other ideas then. looks like its just one of us driving.

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    Default More can drive, but it will cost ya!

    Here's a page from Avis that gives you a bit more information on renting to drivers under age 25 and the fees you might encounter. While I would assume the major carriers have similar rules, there are probably minor differences. I think you need to contact each rental company and find out what their policies and fees will be.

    A few international visitors who have posted here have commented that they were able to get better deals by working with agencies within their own country prior to coming to the US. You might contact offices for some of the major rental companies like Hertz, Avis, Budget, etc. in your own country for assistance. And also contact travel agents in your own country as well. They can be very helpful in these types of situations. You might first go to agencies that focus on student travel as they are more likely to have experience with helping people in your age range find the services they need. It's all worth a shot anyway.

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