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    This will be our first roadtrip in the USA. DH is going to be driving most of the way and would be more knowledgeable about driving in snow.

    We have no set departure date but soon would about sum when we want to leave. I've read advice given on driving north or south. We have no preference other than to get there safely.

    We'd like to hear advice and tips as to what the best route would be. We will of course be checking the 10 day forecasts and the news before we leave and hope we don't run into foul weather. Days and funds quite limited so suggestions for decent inns along the way will also be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Doug and Gia

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    Default Know Your Options

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are two completely different ways to get to Las Vegas From Cleveland that differ by only a hundred miles on a trip that will total around 2100. The 'northern route starts out westward on I-80 to western Nebraska, follows I-76 to Denver and then I-70 to central Utah and I-15 down to Las Vegas. The 'southern' route would start out headed south on I-71 to Columbus, than follows I-70 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City, I-40 to Kingman, AZ and finish off on US-93 north into Las Vegas. Map out both of those and be ready to use whichever on offers the best predicted weather at the time of your departure.

    There are several low to moderate priced motel chains in the U.S. including Motel 6, Super 8, Red Roof Inns, Econo Lodge and Travelodge. You can check out each of their web sites and request a list of their locations. Then whichever way you end up going and however many miles you make on a given day, you'll know where your best options are.


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    Thanks for the welcome and your input.

    We actually have tentatively plotted three routes. North, south and somewhere in the middle since we both want to see Colorado but are unsure if our car will survive. We sure wish we had a 4 wheel drive or something.

    I had planned on searching hotels along the road but your suggestion of doing it the other way, their locations, we can then plot along their locations. Our first day will be a really short drive of 4 hours and along the way we can stop and pick up some maps that they provide which usually have their locations indicated on them. I was also just going to chance it on the room saver coupons that you can get in rest stops along the highway. But it would be better to be prepared before hand specially in the winter.

    Thanks again!

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    Default 4WD Overrated

    4 wheel drive is a nice feature to have, and it certainly can be helpful in winter conditions. However, somehow automakers have convinced Americans that 4WD is a necessity for anyone who isn't driving in perfect conditions all of the time. For years and year Americans got by just fine with 2 wheel drive, and even rear wheel drive cars. In many cases 4wd simply causes more problems because of driver overconfidence, and drivers who forget that 4 wheel drive helps you get moving, it does nothing to help you stop.

    The reality is that most front wheel drive cars will do just fine in moderate winter conditions, assuming the driver takes the time to adjust for the weather. If you are sticking to the Interstates, and I-70 through Colorado is an amazingly beautiful trip, going over the mountains won't be much more stressful on your car than the rest of your trip.

    As far as finding rooms, especially since this is winter and a low season in most places, personally, I wouldn't worry too much about finding a place. The room saver and similar coupons can be an excellent money saver, and I personally use them frequently. Not only can they provide good deals, but they also can serve as a psydo-directory, since motels often are located near each other, you can get a good idea of which exits to use to find a room.

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