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    Im living in the netherlands but in 2010 want to make a road trip with freinds. at the start of the trip im 19 the other persons are 18.

    The Route:
    New york-Seattle-Los angeles-New york in 6 weeks (maybe longer)

    -Is it hard To book a hotel/motel because we are not 21?
    on some motel sites the minimum age is diplayed. On some sites and on the sites of the national parks hotels is no age displayed what is the risctricon. We don't want to hear after driving 300 miles that we can't sleep cause of our age

    -Can we rent a car?
    -Is it not too much to drive 300+ miles in one day?

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    Welkom! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I don't think being 18 will present any problems in getting motel/hotel rooms or camp sites, especially if you have a valid credit card. And 6 weeks is more than ample time to make the double transcontinental trip and still have plenty of time to enjoy the places along the way. One could comfortably make the trip one-way in as little as 5 days. We tend to recommend that a full day of driving should be about 550 to maybe 600 miles, so, again, 300 miles is not pushing it at all. The one piece of bad news I have for you is that while it will be possible to find one or two rental companies that is willing to rent to a pair of teenagers, it will be pretty expensive. You should expect to pay $25 or more per day per driver just in surcharge for being 'underage', in addition to the normal rental cost. That would be close to $2000 for both of you over 6 weeks.


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    Hoi Peter,

    Ik ben ook in Nederland en heb net jouw vragen gelezen.

    Met de autohuur kan het nogal moeilijk worden, want de grote autoverhuurders verhuren autos alleen aan bestuurders boven de 25. Bij kleinere verhuurders kun je het geluk hebben, dat ze de leeftijd van 21 hanteren. Ik beveel je aan, om even naar een reisburo te gaan ivm deze kwestie.

    Je vraagt nog, of 300 miles goed te rijden zijn in een dag. Als je de hele rit op snelwegen blijft, is dit geen probleem. Maar je weet wel, dat de maximumsnelheid 75 mph is. Meestal is het echter 65 mph. Als je natuurlijk ergens binnendoor rijdt, dan mag je meestal maar 55 mph rijden.

    Denk er ook aan, dat jullie geen alkohol mogen drinken. Dat mag pas vanaf 21.

    Als je nog vragen hebt, dan meld je gerust. Ik heb met mijn man al een paar roadtrips achter de rug :-). De volgende zijn we ook al aan het plannen voor september 2008.

    Groetjes en fijne jaarwisseling,

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    there is a company in the netherlands that rents to 19 year olds in the usa:

    but my freinds are still 18 then. and you need to have one year driving exprince.

    Is buying a car for 6 weeks a option?

    otherwise we need to wait to 2011

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    Default Buying

    Buying and selling a car would be difficult, to say the least. Between finding an acceptable vehicle, licensing, registration, taxes, etc. you will find it would be exceptionally difficult. Then, you would have to unload the vehicle at the end of the trip.

    What is the licensing age in your country? I take it that at 18, your friends will not have one year of driving experience?

    If it comes right down to a question of money, you may be better off waiting the extra year to be able to take the trip and avoid some of the problems that you have mentioned. That way, the trip will be much more enjoyable.

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    Default double check that

    I looked at Sunny Cars website, and while they do offer an under 25 rate that is really quite good, the fine print says that drivers still need to be at least 21 to rent in the US or Canada. I'm not sure if you've got other information elsewhere, but I'm not seeing anything about allowing 19 year old drivers on their website.

    As Tim mentioned, buying a car isn't impossible, but it has its own set of challenges. Since your trip is only 6 weeks long, it will also end up being rather expensive, since many costs assocated with buying a car, like license taxes, and insurance, have to be purchased 6 months to a year at a time.

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    if you click on the information sign wich is displayed near the price it says this

    RIJBEWIJS: min. 1 jaar in het bezit van een geldig rijbewijs. (drivers license)
    LEEFTIJDEN: Min. 19 jaar.

    the licesne age is 18 so ill be the only one with one year experince

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