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  1. Default Indiana to Portland, OR - safe trip?

    Hey folks -

    My fiance is soon joining me here in Portland, OR and we are concerned about winter traveling across the country during late January/Early February. He has a Chevy S10. He'll be packing his truck and coming from central Indiana.

    I have heard that it's not an easy ride, has anyone done something similar and have advice as to which route to take and what to be cautious of? I am a bit worried that he needs to just wait til winter is over though I'd hate to have to wait for him longer (safety first, of course).

    Thanks you!


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    Default People do it everyday

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Thousands of people make cross country trips every day, even in the winter, without incident, so I don't think it would be at all fair to say that making the trip is dangerous.

    Of course some people's driving behavior can increase the likelihood of running into problems. You might want to check out our Winter Road Trip tips for some ideas to keep this trip as safe as possible.

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