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    I am looking for ideas for a road trip from Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH. Thanks.

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    Default Well...

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, you can hop on I-80/90 and head east for a few hours an you'll be in Cleveland. That would be a road trip right there.

    Is there something a little more specific that you might like some help with?

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    I am looking for things to do on the highway 90/80 or off it.

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    Default Marblehead Lighthouse

    Near Port Clinton/Sanduskey, Ohio, there is a really beautiful lighthouse.

    Plus, in Toledo, check out Tony Packo's for some great food (go to the original one). The TV show MASH once ordered food from there on one episode. Clinger would be so proud. You can see the package that was featured on the show. Plus, there is the bun wall of fame.

    Take a detour in Indiana and tour the Notre Dame campus. If the weather is nice, get a student to give you a tour.

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