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  1. Default Road Trip from San Diego California to New York City

    I am planing on going on a Road Trip from San Diego, California to Long Island, New York in July 2008. I plan on 4 people (including me) to be on this trip. I just wanted to know what would be some good places to stop along the way, and if anybody has any advice to give for a cross country road trip. Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default a wealth of information

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Without knowing really anything about you or your trip (how long you plan to take, if you have a route in mind, what your interests are, etc) its pretty hard to narrow down what places you might want to stop at.

    However, there is already a ton of information on this site. I suggest simply browsing around both on the forum and the many articles in the planning section should help get your trip on the right track.

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    I dont really have much of a route in mind, just pretty much straight east from San Diego. I plan on it taking 18 days with all of our stops. The age group of the people on the trip is 18-21. We are looking to visit landmarks, any amusment parks, etc...

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    Default What landmarks interest you?

    Ideally, you will decide what landmarks and amusement parks you want to visit and then begin devising your route around that. However, if you just want to go east and get to NYC and stop at any landmarks/amusement parks along the way, then that's a different kind of trip. Which do you prefer?

    I'm thinking that if amusement parks are one of the main reasons for the trip, that it would be best for you to get a big map of the US, mark the amusement parks you're visiting on it, and then the routes you should travel will become obvious. After you've gotten some of this planned out, come on back and give us an idea of what kind of landmarks interest you and we can give you some better ideas of what to stop at. Also, we can also give you ideas for tweaking your route, if needed, and more.

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    The thing is, I really dont have anything in mind. I want to see the grand canyon, and other then that, I am pretty open. My goal is that at the end of the trip I can say that I saw some pretty cool places. It really don't matter what specific places they are, just places that I would have good memories of. Like I said, I am pretty open, don't have anything specific that I would want to see.

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    Default It's still real tough to answer

    It's tough because things that intrigue and interest me might be totally boring to you. Most of us who hang out here agree that the planning is half the fun.

    Oh, and if your trip roundtrip in 18 days, or one way? That will make a huge difference.

    I still say the best thing for you to do at this point is to get together with your traveling companions and pour over a big map marking things you want to see. After you have a rough idea of where you want to go, come on back and we can help you tweak things and throw out more ideas.

    If it was me, I'd start with the resources here for ideas. Other places that should help you out are this website listing the various national parks, and this compilation of links for amusement parks, water parks, zoos, and other theme parks.

    I'm sorry I'm not giving you a specific route with places to stop. Your request is just too broad to give you a good answer. Personally, if it was me, I'd probably take I-10 across and see places like Tucson, Bisbee, Tombstone, El Paso, Big Bend, San Antonio, New Orleans, and then head south to Key West, then north to NYC. I have no idea if you will find many amusement parks along this route, but I think the scenery and historical sites would be great.

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    Default Hmmm

    Ok, give you some things to see between SD and Denver. No amusement parks.
    Drive SD to Barstow, see Galico Ghosttown. Drive I40. Exit 9 and drive National Trails Hw. (Old R66). Newberry, see Bagdad Cafe. Amboy: See Roy's cafe. Goffs, see the old schoolhouse. To Topock. Drive old route 66 stop in Oatman. Feed the "wild" Burro's. Drive Sitgreaves pass to Kingman. Drive old R66 to Hackberry and see the old outside museum. Then maybe stop at the GC Caverns, will be cool. Drive Seligman and enjoy the old relics. Drive Williams, an old R66 town. Then drive north to GCNP. There's a Fred Flinstone park in Valle but I don't think this is what you consider an amusementpark. Stay GC.
    Drive to Desert View and to Cameron. Visit the trading post and have a Taco. To Monument Valley for the Mittens. Drive to Mexican Hat, stop at milemarker 13 for the famous overlooks. See "The Hat". Drive 261, visit Gooseneck SP and up Moki Dugway. See Muley point from here. Maybe to Natural Bridges NM. Then drive to Moab, see The Needles section on your way. Visit Arches NP, Canyonlands NP and Dead Horse Point. Take scenic 128 to I70. See the ghosttown of Cisco. Drive to Grand Junction and see Colorado NM. To Glenwood Springs and its Hot Spring. Vail Pass, Dillon Lake, General Eisenhouwer tunnel and to Denver. Most people already take 2 weeks for this trip and it's all about scenery. Maybe it's a start.

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