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    Hi, hope you can all help, we are from the UK and are looking for some US road trip advice!! We are travelling from Chicago O'Hare airport to Green Bay in Jan for the a Packers game. We wondered if anyone had any tips/experience of this route? We have to hire a car and as we have no experience of the weather we really did not know where to start-we don't know whether a regular Chevrolet Aveo they are offering us (the economy option) will be adequate or whether it is derfinately worth upgrading to a SUV or something a little sturdier :) ? Are the conditions of the roads still good at this time of year? We are mainly concerned about the driving conditions but would appreciate any route advice etc!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Wow, you're in the UK and you managed to get your hands on Packers Playoff Tickets? That's impressive in and of itself.

    If the roads are ok, then the Aveo should be just fine. Even if you get a little bit of snow, the roads you'll be taking should be well maintained. My wife has an Aveo and it does ok in the snow, although an SUV might be a little nicer, you'll also pay quite a bit more for it.

    Your route should be pretty simple, I-294 to I-94 to I-43 to Green Bay. The one place to really watch for is in Downtown Milwaukee. They are in the middle of a major construction project at the I-94/I-43 innerchange, and its kind of a mess. You'll certainly want to keep an eye on the signs to make sure you end up where you want to go.

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    There should be no problem with the roads as long as a major storm doesn't hit.

    If you have some time, check out Oshkosh and Appleton for really nice Wisconsin towns.

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