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    My boyfriend and I will be moving from Portland to Brooklyn to be closer to his family now that we have both graduated from college. Neither of us have jobs waiting for us, so we are excited to take advantage of this opportunity to drive from coast to coast (even though this is not really the best roadtripping season).

    We plan to head down I5 to CA. We will make a small detour to the Northern CA coast to see Arcata/Eureka (where I spent my childhood). We will then head down to San Francisco, and from San Fran we will continue on to Los Angeles to visit a friend for a day or two (Yes, Yes, this is a coast to coast trip, there are just a few things we want to see on the west coast before we leave!) From LA, we will head to Vegas (neither of us have been to Vegas before....). We will plan to arrive to Vegas in the early evening, and spend the night there just to hike the strip and see the famous lights.

    From there, we thought about taking a slight detour to see the Grand Canyon as neither of us has been there either. I heard the weather can be pretty nasty this time of year around that area. Should we go for it? Or should we hold off on GC for a summer trip?

    And here is really where I'd love all of your input and advice. Our route from Vega-ish area to Brooklyn is wide open. I've read many opinions on routes (most direct route is best, northern routes may have more snow but road crews usually do a better job keeping roads clear, the south can have nasty ice storms, etc...)... We would love a safe route, but open to rerouting oursevles mid trip if weather becomes an issue, etc.. So weather aside, what route would you reccommend? What touristy sites? What cities?

    I am 23 and my boyfriend is 27. We both have an appreciation for history, the quirky, and the down right raw beauty of nature. We have threw around a few ideas... staying south and driving through Nashville... or taking a (slightly) more northern route through Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Indianapolis, etc...

    Neither of us have ever explored middle America (flew over it several times)... I'm very interested in your experiences and knowledge of things to do and see!! Time is not a huge constraint, but then again we can't spend weeks and weeks to do this (I wish, but I have to start the job search within a reasonable amount of time). We were thinking 12 to 14 days.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and tips!

    Oh, and because someone might ask. We will be selling more of our belongings, but the few things we do want to take will be put on a moving truck that someone else will drive across the country. We will be driving together in our Toyota Prius with the bare necessities (suitcase of clothes and a few other small items and valuables). Thanks again!
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    It takes about five days to go from coast to coast, and you can expect to average about 500-550 miles per day once you've accounted for stops to eat, rest, etc.

    I would say that two weeks most likely isn't enough to do what you want to do, especially given the better part of the first week would involve your route into California and your stops there. That leaves you just enough time to head on to New York.

    Now, if you could add another week to the trip, that would give you more time to see the Grand Canyon and other places in Middle America.

    Santa Fe, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C. would be on my short list of places to stop on a trip of this sort. Nashville is also a good place to visit, and you don't even have to be a big country music fan to enjoy the city.

    At this time of year it is hard to recommend some of my favorite places, state and county highways in sparsely populated, mountainous areas. I find it hard to put weather aside when it comes to these things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass Tim View Post
    I find it hard to put weather aside when it comes to these things.
    Really what I meant by this... I just want to hear about any great places to see as I'd really be interested in checking them out. I don't want peoples thoughts of weather hindering their many suggestions. If it comes down to it and the weather is down right bad, then I will just forego seeing that attraction on the trip... we'll just call this the brainstorming phase, I want as many as ideas as possible.. I'll start eliminating ideas in the next phase :)

    Thanks for your input, I greatly appreciate it!! Have you driven a similar route before?

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