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  1. Default Three month road trip

    My friend and I are going for a road trip in march, an we are planning to drive around for at least three months.
    We haven't planned much yet, so I hope you can help!
    Some of our plans:
    -Fly to New York/East coast somewhere
    -Buy a car
    -Drive through as many states as possible
    -Sell the car when we leave

    The problem with our plan is that both of us are under 21, and we don't know how stuff like insurance and buying cars works when we are underage.
    Could someone here please help us with our planning?

    Jesper, Norway

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    Default Once you work out the car, the rest is "easy"

    Mottakelse! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Buying, using and reselling a car in a limited time span is almost never cost effective, and the extra hurdles that a foreign national must go through to try to do this can make the process particularly unappealing. Nevertheless, read through this thread to get an idea of what's involved and how to start the ball rolling. Otherwise, being under 21 (as long as you are at least 18) should not present any insurmountable obstacles.

    If you're landing on the east coast where the states tend to be smaller, you can visit quite a few of them. My own suggestion would be to try to see New England, the mid-Atlantic coast, the Appalachian mountains, the deep South and maybe the Mississippi valley and the Great Lakes for the most variety. the West would be completely different and well worth the effort depending on your budget and how much you want to drive vs. how much you want to experience the people and culture along the way. Other than that, it would help immensely if we knew what you and your friend wanted to do. So hopefully you can get the basic 'how to get a car' part of your trip worked out and then let us know how we can best help you to meet your goals.


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    The thing is, we have about $10000 each. Lets say we buy a car for $1-2000, then we still would be able to make our three months trip and give the car away (or sell it cheap). Wouldn't we?

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    Default $1-2000 for a roadtrip car?

    I wouldn't buy something that cheap for a road-trip. And I doubt anyone else here would recommend it. If you find a road-worthy car for less than $3000, I'd be surprised. $5000 is probably more like it. Then you will have to add insurance costs, taxes, registration fees, etc. In some places, you might have to have smog tests done.

    Actually, 3 months is a long enough time where buying will probably make more sense even at the higher cost for a road-worthy car. Especially since you will pay a premium to rent a car at your age. However, you still need to carefully read the thread AZBuck linked you to and do quite a bit of other research first. You will find that this process is rather confusing and not very easy to do. You should probably get started on it soon.

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    Default Not Even in the Ballpark

    I would be amazed, to say the least, if you were able to find a car for $2,000 (or less!) that would see you through a three month RoadTrip. I just checked the listings in my local paper (in an area of the country where cars are not subject to the salt and harsh winters of New York winters) and the cheapest cars from dealers are listed at around $8,000+, but at least they would offer some kind of warranty. The lowest prices I saw in private advertisements were around $5,000+, with no warranty. And, as you noted, even if you get something cheap, there would be no guarantee that you could find someone who wanted such a car after you were done putting several thousand more miles on it. Couple such economic realities with the legal difficulties and you can see why most people rent, even if a rental costs a few thousand dollars.


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    Okay, I get it.
    Then I need even more help on planning this trip. Since we have no U.S. address, how do we get insurance for the car (I have heard that it takes a month or so to get insurance with norwegian drivers license)?
    If someone could help us with making a budget, it would make me a very happy man!

    Thanks for all the answers so far.

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    Default Not easy

    The lack of a US address is a huge hurdle for someone trying to buy a car, as I'm sure you already saw in the links to previous threads provided by Buck and Judy. And its not just insurance that requires an address, the government paperwork (taxes, license plates, title, registration, etc) also will require an address. If you can find an insurance company to buy a policy, that should take affect pretty much immediately, its the other things that can be a little more time consuming.

    If you don't have anyone in the US with an address that you can borrow, looking at a private mailbox company would probably be your best bet. That gets into a bit of a legal grey area, but they would at least be able to give you a street address and be able to forward your mail to other locations as you travel.

    In terms of building a budget, we don't have nearly enough information to even begin such a tast for you. However, This thread has some excellent information to help you figure out for yourself how much you'll need to spend.

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    I have found one company that sells cars to non-us citizens, even if you are under 21. Have any of you heard about them?
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    Never heard of them but it looks interesting. Have you spoken with them yet?

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    I have sent them a mail, so I'm awaiting reply. Maybe I will call them tomorrow, if they haven't answered yet.

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