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  1. Default Charlotte, NC to Seattle in 9 DAYS!

    A friend of mine is moving to Seattle the first week of January and I'm driving out with her and flying back. We're starting in Charlotte, NC and were thinking of taking I-40 all the way out to the Grand Canyon and then going to Yosemite and up through California.

    We only have 9 days to get out there but want to see some cool stuff too. What do you think of our proposed route? Any better ideas considering the time constraint and January weather? We'd be thankful for any advice!

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    Default Nine days could be a great span of time

    Quote Originally Posted by denisha3000 View Post
    A friend of mine is moving to Seattle the first week of January and I'm driving out with her and flying back.
    In the summer time, when the roads are dry and ice-free, it would take 6-7 days to cover that route. Doing it in January, should be fine, but you really need to allow most of that nine days to do it. If you were to hit some ice storms in the mid-west or along I-40 in Texas, you could easily "lose" a day or two slow driving conditions.

    Just remember that you can not reach Yosemite from the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas in January, the passes will be closed due to snow. (They are closed now.)

    Generally there is less snow in the northern plains in January than in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico and so I would keep an eye on the weather reports and be prepared to turn north when you reach Texas if the weather closes in.

    I think you will have a blast.


  3. Default Another highway better?

    Thanks for the info. I was reading another posting about driving from Nashville to Seattle in the Gear Up forum, and Midwest Michael suggested not going I40 but sticking with I-80 or 90.

    Do you think I-40 would be a good road to travel considering where we're coming from and then just heading north if the weather gets bad, like you said?

    One other question- if we go I40, the places we wanted to try and visit out west before arriving in Seattle are: the Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite, San Francisco and the Redwoods. If time doesn't allow, is there anything on that list that you'd drop first?


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    Default I-40 is fine

    I-40 isn't necessarily my first choice for a cross country winter route, but its still one of the nation's most important, and thus maintained highway. Since the sights you want to see are along I-40, and you've got some time built into your schedule, there is no reason not to take that route. Just be prepared to wait out a storm if one arises.

    You've got a list of a lot of great places on your trip. They are all great, but I don't think you can possibly fit them all in on your timeframe. I couldn't possibly say for you which places you'd like more or less. Its a tough choice, but thankfully there are no wrong answers with this one.

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