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  1. Default from College Station, TX to Seattle, WA

    I wanna go to Seattle from College Station TX.
    And I also want to visit San Fransisco and kind of big cities.

    I'll leave College Station on 12/26/2007
    And I have to arrive until 12/30/2007

    Please give me your advise.

    Thank you.

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    Default You Can't Have Everything

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's 2700 miles from College Station to Seattle by way of San Francisco. With only five days for the journey, about the only thing you'd have time to experience in the major cities along the way is the traffic. A more direct route, by way of Denver and Salt Lake City would cut the trek down to around 2400 miles and allow you a few hours, anyway, for sightseeing.


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    Default My two cents worth of advice

    My suggestion would be:

    Take Hwy 6 to I-35 to Fort Worth.

    Catch Hwy 287 to Dumas, north of Amarillo.

    Take Hwy 87 from Dumas to Raton New Mexico (somewhere along the way 87 becomes 64.)

    In Raton you catch I 25 north into Colorado.

    Go through Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise then Portland.

    I have never driven this route past Denver so I don't know what the road conditions are, especially in the winter. But I have a friend who recently moved to Seattle and they took this route. She said it was easy. I remember that we got to Denver in two days or less so you should be ok on time.

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    Default Alternate idea

    I agree with TravelingAg until this part:
    Go through Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise then Portland.
    Unless there are reports of snow/ice through Eastern WA and/or Snoqualmie Pass that you decide to avoid, there is no reason to go west to Portland and then north to Seattle. You can save time and miles by heading north into Washington on I-82 at around Hermiston, OR. Go through the Tri-Cities of Pasco/Kennewick/Richland, through Yakima, until you merge onto I-90 at Ellensburg. Take I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass into Seattle.

    Hermiston, OR to Seattle via Portland: 360 miles
    Hermiston, OR to Seattle via Ellensburg: 250 miles
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    Default oops!

    My mistake. For some reason, in the process of typing I apparently decided that you were going to Portland. Sorry.

    Judy's idea sounds much better if you want to get where you are really trying to go. :)

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