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    I am planning to drive from Toronto to Dallas on Friday Dec 21st. I have checked the weather reports and they look not too bad at this point. Following is how I planned my trip:

    Toronto->Detroit->Toledo->Cincinnati->Louisville->Nashville->Memphis->Little Rock->Dallas

    Does anyone suggest a different route than the above? If Yes, then please advice your reasons?

    Any help is appreciated !!


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    Default Your route is fine

    Quote Originally Posted by garry View Post
    I am planning to drive from Toronto to Dallas on Friday Dec 21st.
    The route you have chosen looks fine to me. Lots of interesting places enroute. If time is of concern -- you can speed it up in a couple of places. I think I would avoid Detroit's traffic and cross the border at Sarnia and take I-69 to Flint and then south down to I-70 and south again on I-57 and then I-55 to Memphis where you can pick up I-40 to Dallas. But your route is fine too. Depending upon weather considerations you might be able to save 1/2 day or so with the faster route, but it is pretty hard to really predict at this point.


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    Thanks Mark, some of the map websites had suggested the route that you are pointing to i.e via Sarnia->Flint->Indiana. But my concern was weather. Which route of the two would you suggest if the weather was going to be like snowing and stuff?

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    Default similar

    The two routes are not that far apart, and since they are north/south routes, any storm that hits one will likely hit the other. Keep an eye on the forecasts, if one route looks better than the other then you can change your plans. However, its pretty unlikely that one route would be much better than the other.

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    Default Another option if you need it

    Your other option is is to go through Indianapolis, St. Lewis, and Oklahoma City. Although I would use this as a backup if you find that the weather is going to turn bad on the other roads.

    My family has done the Dallas-Dayton, Ohio treck dozens of times (We live in Fort Worth with family in Dayton) and your original plan is the fastest and easiest. But this is a good subsitute if you need it or if you just want a change of senery.

    Something else I just thought of - you can always cut South from Nashville and hit Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson Mississippi, and Shreveport. Again, this is mostly a good route to switch to if you get half way and discover you want a more southern route than Little Rock and Memphis. We've had to make this change a few times in the past too.

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    I did a similar trip in the other direction from Dallas to Toronto a month ago over thanksgiving. I used Buffalo instead of Detroit for my trip.

    My trip was more of a speed run so I didn't really see anything but rest area's :)

    However, the north bond I-65 between Nashville and Louisville was the worst road as I think it needed a good paving job. I hope south bound will be better for you.

    The most fun/scenic highways was I-71 (NE) between Cincinnati and Columbus, but I think you wont be traveling that section.

    Have a fun trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by garry View Post

    Toronto->Detroit->Toledo->Cincinnati->Louisville->Nashville->Memphis->Little Rock->Dallas

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