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    Two of my dearest friends and I are planning to take a road trip this summer (July - the entire month, perhaps into August) to Glacier National Park from Columbus, Ohio. Our plan as of now is to hit the Black Hills and Yellowstone on the way to Glacier. We're all COMPLETELY unexperienced when it comes to road trips of this magnitude - the farthest we've ever done is from Florida to Ohio - and so we're looking for any and all advice. How do we begin to prepare? Is this even doable? Are there any guides or sites out there that we should know about?

    Any advice, routes, info - ANYTHING would be most appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Of course it doable. No worries, you'll have the whole 30 days.
    It's 18 hours to Rapid City, suppose you can make it in 2 days. Or take 3.
    End of day 2 stay the night near the entrance to Badlands NP.
    Maybe try this:
    Day 3:Visit to Badlands NP, to Wall Drug and to Hill City or Custer. 2 nice towns in the Black Hills.
    Day 4 and 5: Visit to Black Hills. Some places to visit: Custer SP. Needles Hw, Crazy Horse, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave and of course Mount Rushmore. See the light show.
    Day 6: Drive to Deadwood and Lead and scenic Spearfish Canyon road. Drive to Devils Tower NM for a visit.
    Day 7: Drive from Devils Tower to Cody
    Day 8: All day Cody. See the night rodeo.
    Day 9: Drive from Cody to Red Lodge MT and drive awesome Beartooth Pass. Stay in Cooke City at the NE entrance of Yellowstone NP
    Day 10,11,12,13: Visit to Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton Np. Last day in Gardiner
    Day 15: Drive from Gardiner to the west side of Glacier. (long drive)
    Day 16: West side of Glacier
    Day 17: Drive Going to the Sun road through Glacier.
    Day 18 and 19: East Side of Glacier NP.
    Day 20: Take the northern highway 2 from Glacier to Glasgow. Flat and straight but oh boy, those BIG skies!!
    Day 21: From Glasgow to Fort Peck, enjoy Fort Peck Lake, to Circle, Glendive and to Medora in North Dakota
    Day 22 and 23: Medora. Visit Th. Roosevelt NP south unit and enjoy the festival in Medora.
    Day 24: Drive from Medora to Lake Sakakawea and relax.
    Drive back to Columbus. Some spare days left.
    Of course, these are just some thoughts but maybe it already helps some.
    Happy planning

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    Default Sounds pretty lovely to us

    Quote Originally Posted by Karmapolice View Post
    Two of my dearest friends and I are planning to take a road trip this summer to Glacier National Park from Columbus
    Sounds like a pretty amazing road trip. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Yeehaw has already laid out a nice route above -- here are some field reports to whet your appetite and tips for getting you started.

    South Dakota Field Report
    Illinois Field Report -- Plus Peter Thody will be writing a new report each month covering much of your planned trip -- so check back here often.
    Going-to-the-Sun Road
    Take this quiz and make sure you and your buddies are planning the same style of road trip.
    This is a very handy tool for calculating fuel costs
    Here is a good guide for creating your own road trip budget
    Finally, look over this list of articles about how to plan a road trip.


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    Thanks! Sorry it took so long to reply - life happens every now and then! Your outline, Yeehaw, is fantastic - I wasn't expecting anything so detailed!

    And those links, Editor, are very useful!

    You guys are so nice - you just made my (our, actually) day!

    Thanks a bundle!

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    That's some great advice about the Beartooth Highway and about Medora, ND.

    Keep this in mind about your return trip: You may be passing by eastern MT and the Dakotas around the time of the biker rally at Sturgis, SD. I did this, inadvertently, about 5 years ago, and while it was entertaining to see and travel amongst the bikers (around 80% of whom TOWED their Harleys behind pickups and motorhomes) it made for some crowds at fuel and motel stops and at campgrounds. If you swing north up I-94 to go to Medora, you'll miss it entirely.

    When returning from a fishing trip to MT in 2002, I went to the site of a college era dinosaur fossil excavation I'd participated some 30 years ago, near Marmarth, ND, then we "bushwhacked" across ND and SD in a "south, then east, then south" fashion along the state and US highways enroute back to I-90 in the middle of SD. It was pretty cool to see some of those tiny farm towns out in the prairie, and a welcome break from 80+ mph crowded Interstate travel.

    Have a great time,


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