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  1. Default roadtrip from Miami, FL, noob needing tips

    Hi. I live in Miami, FL, and I've been wanting to have a roadtrip with a friend of mine for many years.

    And I've finally decided that I am going to have one this coming summer. Maybe from around May or June. But I have no idea where to go. Are there any good places that any of you could recommend? Also I need tips on:

    -What kind of car do I need? It's going to be a used car, how much mileage could this car have that I'll be using to travel? How old could this car be?
    -Since I'll be traveling with a car, and not an RV, I'll be most likely to stop in a motel every night. Could it be some kind of a deal that maybe I'll fix their computer and get a free night? I mean, are there still motels like that?
    -I know it depends on how far I'll go, but lets say I want to travel for two weeks, how much do I need for budget? Gas, dining, and etc.

    Any other tips will be greatly appriciated.

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    Default Noob?

    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    Noob is a new one to me. I suppose it means newbie? From your questions, it's apparent that you are at the beginning of traveling and have lots to learn. Let me give you a bit of a kick-start.

    Where to Go
    Gosh, the United States is a huge place with lots of options. And they're all good. This is impossible for any of us to answer for you. We can give you suggestions but we need to know a lot more about you and what interests you before we can do that. I suggest you do some poking around here reading about other people's trips to see what sounds fun to you. Pour over road maps and see what intrigues you. Then return with some specifics for us. In other words, help us help you.

    People take roadtrips in cars of all ages and mileages. The age and mileage isn't what matters. What matters is that it has been taken care of enough to be in good operating condition. I know a guy who roadtrips in a 1940-something Hudson. It's well-tuned and purrs like a kitten. Just make sure that any car you are planning on traveling in has been checked over by a good mechanic to make sure the major systems are in good order, that any suggested maintenance has been done, and that it has had a recent tune-up. Don't forget to make sure the tires are in good shape.

    I think the chances of you getting a free night's stay for doing computer fixing is pretty slim. But, hey, it never hurts to ask. You might have better luck with that at "mom and pop" motels instead of chains. With a tent and sleeping bag, you can easily car camp. If you like camping and stretching your budget is important, you might consider this. I tend to either do all camping or mix-up camping with cheap motels when I roadtrip. It all depends on your budget and what you prefer.

    This post should give you a good starting point to figure out your budget needs.

    Again, do some thinking so you can give us more specific information and I'm sure you'll get a lot more help as you go through your planning process. Also, remember that the planning is half the fun!

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