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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new, and just looking for some suggestions. During the last week of December I'm moving from New England to Southern California, planning to go through Cleveland and then southwest through St. Louis and Springfield and get on I-40 for the rest of the trip. Due to time constraints I will only be spending 4-5 days on the road, and I will have my dog with me. I'm aware that really limits my possibilities, but does anyone have any suggestions of interesting stops to make that aren't far out of the way, just to take some breaks from driving? I'm hoping to at least see a few highlights of route 66 by being on I-40 (if I understand correctly, they run parallel to each other?).

    Thanks in advance!

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    You're facing a 3000 miles trip so probably you're on the road for 4-5 days.
    Give you best stretches to drive R66.
    Longest remaining stretch is west of Williams, Az Take the exit Seligman (123 on I40). See Seligman (some nice icons) drive R66 (smooth drive 65 mph) and make a stop in Hackberry. Remarkable R66 remains. Now you can continue to Kingman and take R66 to Sitgreaves Pass and the semi ghosttown of Oatman. Keep in mind this stretch can be snowy. Sitgreaves pass is 3500 ft. Continue to Topock and I40.
    Between Needles and Barstow there's another stretch of old R66 but it's called National Trails Hw. On this stretch you can see the old R66 shields painted on the road. It's the thought that counts. You'll pass hamlets like Goffs, Essex, Cadiz, Amboy, Ludlow and Newberry springs. See the old schoolhouse in Goffs and Roy's Cafe in Amboy. In Newberry Springs you can have a drink and a meal in, what's now called, Bagdad Cafe. Suppose you know the movie. It was filmed here but the original Bagdad Cafe was in Bagdad. Totally disappeared now, only glass, a graveyard and a tree.
    In Daggett you must drive I40 because the old stretch is blocked between Dagget and Barstow. If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to both the West Coast and to RoadTrip America!

    With that many miles and the limited timeframe you have, you're really not going to have time to explore much off the main route. Especially once you take your dog's needs for walk/potty breaks into consideration. Yeehaw's suggestions about hitting some highlights of Route 66 are probably some of your best bets. Driving 3000 miles will take you roughly 55 hours, roughly 11 hours/day over 5 days. This includes time for very quick fuel/food/bio breaks but no time for any real sight-seeing.

    I hope you can squeeze out a few more days so you will have more time to explore along the way.

    The other thing you will need to plan for are weather-related delays. Keep your radio tuned to stations that give you good weather forecasts and be sure to check out forecasts before setting out for the day. You might find that you need to tweak your route a bit here-and-there to avoid a storm. Adjust your speed accordingly.

    And, please, check out the Gear Up section for tips on things you need to have with you in order to survive any kind of weather-related delay safely and comfortably. Your trip should go fine but it's always best to be prepared. Especially when driving in the winter.

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    Default Dog parks in Albuquerque

    There are several off-leash dog parks in Albuquerque that are right next to I-40. Los Altos Park (Exit 165 @ Eubank Blvd.) would probably be the best place to make a pit stop. Itís right off the freeway, and there are gas stations and restaurants/fast food right by the park. Itís not hard to find, but if you would like directions I can help you with that. Tom Bolack Park is OK, too. Iíd pass on Coronado Park - not a real good area of town. Look here for some information about pet-friendly restaurants and hotels in ABQ.

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