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  1. Default L.A. to the Grand Canyon in January?

    Any advice on a trip from Pasadena to the Grand Canyon? I am wondering about road conditions and starting to rethink this plan...
    Any suggestions for an alternate destination? We're taking 3-4 days and traveling with a 3-year-old.

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    Default Why not?


    No reason not to go to the Grand Canyon in January unless you don't want to deal with winter weather. It is a grand place anytime of year.

    A wonderful alternative then could be Death Valley. We spend New Years eve there a few years ago and loved it! You can wander the dunes, and poke around in the fascinating land forms without worrying about sun stroke.

    Then there is always Baja for fun in the sun.

    Finally, Hwy 1 and Big Sur aren't far and can be a very pleasant destination, unless the storms start swinging through.

    Lots of choices, depending on where you've been and what sounds exciting to you. It won't matter much to the 3 year old.

    Have a good time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Default Maybe Anzo Borrego?

    Quote Originally Posted by luca'smom View Post
    Any advice on a trip from Pasadena to the Grand Canyon?
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Like RedCorral mentions above, Death Valley is pretty nice and gorgeous in January -- the thing to remember about Pasadena to the Grand Canyon -- it is a full one day drive each way and so if you only have three days, you will only be spending one day at the Grand Canyon -- you might consider Anzo Borrego -- with an overnight in the Palm Springs area --

    Road conditions in the Grand Canyon area will probably feature some ice and snow -- but the Grand is stunning with a little snow. So, if you can stretch those days to 4 -- you will have a lovely trip.


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    Make sure your car has wintertires. It's 8 hours one way to GC Village with a stop and if traffic permits. Tricky part is the ascent to Williams on I 40.
    Visiting Death Valley is excellent advice but keep in mind also in DV can be snow. They just closed the road to Dante's view due to snow and icy conditions. Anza Borrego is a wonderful place but still a long drive from Palm Springs. Borrego Springs would be a good place to stay or maybe Julian. Please make reservation both in GC and DV before you go. 2 nights at the rim is recommendable but it's still 2 days of driving and 1 day visit as said before.

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