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  1. Default Vegas To San Francisco

    Hi Everybody...
    I just introduce myself, I'm Steph, 26 yo From France...
    I'm living In New Zealand for a year...
    I love West US, and I coming for Christmas.
    I would like to do Vegas => Death valley Park visit a lil bit and go to Frisco.
    Can u help me for my itinerary?
    How many hour from Death Valley park to Frisco during the winter?
    How about road? is there snow? some roads close? If i cant make it one shot i'm thinking to stop a night in Bishop? and them make bishop => Frisco Via Yosemite park. Is that possible?
    What do u think?

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    Default Go on around


    Sorry to say that Hwy 120 through Yosemite is closed now, and will be until late spring.

    Your alternatives are to go southwest through Mojave and Bakersfield to San Francisco - about 9 hours, not including stops.

    Or go north across either Hwy 89/88, Hwy 50, or I-80 - about 11, 12, or 13 hours respectively. Going this way you could spend a night in Bishop or any of the other towns along the way. Weather may be an issue if you go this way, as snow is very possible along Hwy 395. But if you get a clear day, it is by far the more spectacular drive.

    I'd suggest keeping your options open and your eye on the weather.

    Good luck, and have a Merry Christmas,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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    Thx a lot for these advices.
    it will be a great help.
    Yosemite Park is closed during this period?
    What about Zion park, Death Valley park, Grand Canyon?
    because after Last Vegas i was thinking to go to Death Valley park...
    See ya

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    Default None of those parks are closed

    Quote Originally Posted by dpgstyle View Post
    Yosemite Park is closed during this period?
    What about Zion park, Death Valley park, Grand Canyon?
    All of those national parks are open -- but some of the roads in them will be closed due to weather issues (snow, mud, rain, etc.)


  5. Default It's the high mountain roads.. not the park..

    Quote Originally Posted by dpgstyle View Post
    [ ... ] Yosemite Park is closed during this period?
    What about Zion park, Death Valley park, Grand Canyon?
    because after Last Vegas i was thinking to go to Death Valley park...
    See ya
    The parks will be open. In general, the National Parks are open year round with at least one access road kept open. However, some of the secondary roads, and roads at high altitude in the mountains may be closed by snow. In Yosemite, its the Tioga Pass road (120) which goes east-west over the crest of the Sierra mountain range, just north of the National park. Other similar mountain roads may be closed in the winter. This means the most direct, and reliable and dependable east west routes are either to go south of the Sierras through the high desert near the small town of Mojave (California route 58 -- a very good quality 2 to 4 lane highway), or to north to pass over the Sierras at Donner Pass near Lake Tahoe on I-80. But the main access road into Yosemite from the west will be kept open.

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    Thx you very much for the tips...
    So Bishop => Frisco by the north its 10-12 Hours? Is the road is mountains?
    Bishop is a montain city? Sorry for all those questions

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    Sorry, The 395 Hwy is open when its snowing?
    is it dangerous?

  8. Default Questions...

    395 is typically kept open in the winter. Most of its length is at lower altitudes, and doesn't see a lot of deep, long-lasting snow. But you can see snow, at least in sections of 395. Bishop is not a "mountain" town, but its close to the Sierra foothills. Again, it can see the occasional snowfall, but my experience has been it doesn't last long, if it gets any at all. In general the road follows east of the Sierra mountains, but not in the foothills.

    When you get further north, near Reno and Lake Tahoe you can see snow. You will have to go west over the Sierras to get to San Francisco. The major pass is the I-80 pass between Reno and Sacramento, which is the famed Donner Pass. Going west over the Donner pass on I-80 towards Sacramento, you can definitely see snow. But I-80 is one of the major east-west arteries in the country, so the road is kept open as a high priority. There may be short-termed closures of I-80 over the pass in the middle of major snowstorm, but it will be opened as soon as possible.

    Bishop to San Francisco via I-80 is about 435 miles, and maybe 8-9 hours with minimal stops. Bad weather, you'll drive slower. From Las Vegas to SF via this route is a total of around 740 miles, so you're looking at drive times of around 13-14+ hours.

    The alternative route, to hook south from Death Valley through Bakersfield to SFO, is about 670 miles, and somewhere around 12 hours drive time. This route goes through the high desert area of the Mojave Desert. In general this area doesn't get snow -- but once every 2-3 years, it can see a bit of snow (typically the snow is only a couple of inches, lasts overnight and is gone in a day). This route from Bakersfield up the California Central Valley does take you not too far from the western entrance to Yosemite, and its very doable to go from Death Valley to Yosemite in a day around the southern Sierras, even in the winter. It's about 450 miles from Death Valley to Yosemite, and around 8 hours drive time.

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    Thx you very much again, You guys do a great job here

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    Sorry guys, just to be sure What road cross the Death Valley Park from East to West?
    Open in winter?

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