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  1. Default Raleigh, NC to Amarillo, TX

    My family and I will be driving I-40 between Raleigh and Amarillo next week.

    With two kids in single digits, does anyone have any suggestions of where to stop?

    Or suggestions on traveling with two young children?


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    Default If You've Got the Time...a Little Route 66

    Between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, you'll be paralling Route 66.

    Between El Reno and Clinton, Ok, if you get off the interstate, there is an interesting Pony Bridge over the South Canadian River with 28 spans. Have the young ones count them as you go over it.

    There is a new place called Lucille's east Weatherford. It is based on the originl Lucille's that you'll see east of town in Hydro. Great food and 50s diner feel.

    Of course, in Amarillo, it's the Big Texan and Cadillac Ranch.

    Keep on Down that Two lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    Default Just did that 6 weeks ago

    Hi neighbor,

    I went out 40 to Southern California via Amarillo at the end of October. It was what referred to herein as a "speed run", just myself and my 20 year-old son, so our stops, etc, are pretty much irrelevant to you. We left Raleigh on a Sunday afternoon and blew through Amarillo at about 5pm Monday and went on to Tucumcari that evening. Yes, too much for two days.

    But, the far bigger consideration for you is the ice storm just now in the early recovery stages. I imagine many core urban areas in and around OK City and Amarillo have power back on by now or will shortly, but the problem will be the thousands of locals and thousands of utility and other emergency workers clogging motels, fuel stops, and eateries as the less-urbanized areas will be much longer to get power back on.

    With that, and with the little ones aboard, I'd probably make it a two days and part of a third trip, and would try to get over to, say, Knoxville or somewhere between Knoxville and Nashville on the first part of a day. Stopping at the west side of K'ville would put you past inbound rush hour traffic the next morning. I think I'd shoot for Little Rock the next day, some 525 miles, as I'm pretty sure it's outside of the ice storm damage zone and is a nice little city with nice hotels, etc. Then, I'd leave Little Rock bound for Amarillo, some 600 miles away, with a full tank of fuel. As I approached the OK line, I'd top off. As I got about 1/2 way between Fort Smith and OK City, I'd top off again. Depending, of course, on the fuel range of your vehicle, that should give you enough to get all the way to Amarillo. I'd have some food and drink aboard, too, if for no other reason than to avoid crowds of locals without electricity and the aforementioned utility crews.

    I don't know if you were here in Raleigh for Hurricane Fran or the December 2002 ice storms, local traffic and the crowds in the stores, fuel stations, and restaurants were terrible. Large swaths of the city were without power for many days (we were 11 days after Fran, and 7 days after the ice storm) so the few places with power were mobbed all the time. From what I've read about OK City and environs, it seems likely to be much the same through there, so avoiding it will be something you'll likely be happy you did.


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