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    Hey guys!

    I was just reading up on car insurance and how different states have different liability limits - if I plan on roadtripping across America do I need the state with the highest liability or just the insurance appropriate to the state inwhich I register the car?



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    Greetings Leo and welcome to the Forum!

    As far as I know, and from traveling interstate for several years, as long as your insurance is legal for the state the vehicle is registered in, you should not have a problem. Most states have close to the minimum requirements, there's not a huge discrepancy as far as I know.


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    Great, thanks a lot! Makes it alot easier to buy insurance.
    Still, it's not going to be easy - since I'm British and will be purchasing both the car and insurance when I get there. I can probably get an address in the state I'm registering it in - will I have any other major problems?

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    Default Foreign Nationals - A whole 'nother can of worms

    Foreigners are a whole different subject. Check out this thread and this thread for discussion on the issue.

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    Default Insurance minimums

    You should always check the fine print of your policy, but most insurance policies include some sort of clause where if the legal minimums in another state are higher, then you are covered to that level.

    So for example, if the state where you register your car has a $20k minimum for liability, but you are driving in a state with a $25k min, then you will be covered up to 25k in that state.

    Of course some states don't even have an insurance requirement, and you might not want to go with just the lowest allowable limit. Its very easy to go way beyond $25k in damages if you cause an accident, and I wouldn't want to be in a situation where there were I could be left needing to pay thousands of dollars even after insurance pays out.

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