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    One of the Kids is moving back to Oregon from Alabama in Feb. We are wanting to get him some gift cards from food chains along the route so that he doesn't feel the crunch of eating on the road so much. He is taking the Southern route across I40 or I20/10 he hasn't decided quite yet. I can only think of a couple national chains that would fall along his route.

    IHOP, Denny's, Pizza Hut and, the fast food chains like McD's, BK, Taco Bell, KFC.

    Are there others like the IHOP and Denny's that I am missing? that way he isn't eating fast food the whole way. Thanks in advance for your input.


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    Default Generic?

    Hi Lance,
    Isn't it possible just to provide a generic, prepaid Master Card or Visa credit or debit card, with a fixed dollar amount pre-funded? Most sizable eateries of any sort along the Interstates take all sorts of credit or debit cards, and that way he need not conform his stops to a particular one or two franchises.

    Nice touch--the gift of sustenance for this long trip.


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    Default Grocery Store

    Another idea is you could get him a gift card for a grocery store in his local area (Safeway, etc.) and have him stock up on some good food before heading out. A Pre-Paid Visa or Mastercard is also a great idea (thanks Foy!), that way he can eat no matter what he runs into (also so he doesn't wind up in a town with only a Taco Bell and only a gift card for IHOP).

    If he packs plenty of good food ahead of time, he might not need to stop too much for fast-food. I'd recommend to him sandwich stuff, Oatmeal-to-Go bars (they're very filling), some Gatorade bottles, and plenty of dried fruit. He can also make a trail mix with Cocktail peanuts, cashews, de-shelled sunflower seeds, raisins, dried fruit (I personally love dried cherries). Also, adding some beef-jerky and pepperoni sticks will add some meat to the diet, and still allow him to eat better than a burger.

    Just my thoughts, hope he has a good trip!

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    Default Generic

    I really like Foy's idea of a MC/Visa type gift card so he wasn't locked into chain food.

    Fast food or not, there is a lot of sameness with chain food. One of the real joys of a roadtrip is being able to sample the variety of food that is available in different parts of the country.

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    Default Try a Mom and Pop Restaurant

    Drive a little way off the interstate and check out a small mom and pop restaurant. Order something off the menu that is from the region.

    They might save some money and get a better taste of this great country of ours.

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