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    We are moving from Chicago to Clarkdale AZ and will be driving a 16 foot truck with a car carrier behind. Since this move will occur the last week of December, we understand the possibility of icy/snowy roads. We would like to avoid any kind of mountainous terrain. Can anyone suggest a route?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathyandamy View Post
    We are moving from Chicago to Clarkdale AZ and will be driving a 16 foot truck with a car carrier behind.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Generally the best route is the shortest one -- which in this case would be I-44 to I-40 but I also generally suggest that you avoid I-40 unless the weather prediction is for dry weather this time of year. So, I think you need to be prepared for icy conditions and take it slow. Here are some winter driving tips and here is a different route -- but some excellent tips from a first-timer driving a similar set-up!


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    Thank you for your prompt reply and the useful tips. Since this move is the beginning of our retirement to AZ, we have the luxury of being able to stop as much as needed due to icy road conditions. If I recall, there is a stretch of I-44 that is a bit hilly and curvy. Not having very much experience driving 16' trucks, I am wondering if we should try to avoid this route or maybe it's not as bad as I recall???
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    If time is not a problem, get off the interstate and drive America's Main Street, Route 66. It runs right along side the interstates, so, if you get too far behind while checking out the great people and places, you can always get back on and make up some time.

    A word of warning though. Be careful, you might get hooked on road trippin' and old roads.

    From Joliet to Missouri, you can make the drive without a map, it is that well-marked.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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