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  1. Default Yosemite to Grand Canyon by RV help needed

    Im planning a trip next summer starting in LA up to San Francisco on to Yosemite, Grand Canyon and finally to Las Vegas. The bit Im really unsure about is my route from Yosemite to Grand Canyon for which I have three days. I read somewhere that Death Valley is unsuitable for RV's does anyone have any suggestions which way I should go and some good top quality sites to stay on the way.

    Thanks for your help


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    hi, we travelled across death valley in a 30 ft r.v. with no problems but this was in oct and it was "only" 90 degrees odd. in the summer the temps maybe an issue. if it's a rental i read somewhere that some companys ban there motors from going across in the summer. i would think from yosemite the other options would be to go over the tioga pass toward mono lake on the 120[lovely area] and head for tonopah and vegas on the '95. this would take you right through vegas and then get on the 93 to boulder and over the hoover dam to the 40 at kingman then east for grand canyon[you can pick up part of route'66 along here. the other would be head south for fresno and go through bakersfield and barstow and pick up the 40 to kingman and williams for the grand canyon.
    while we was in vegas we stayed at "the oasis r.v park" which we thought was great,it had all ameneties and a free shuttle to the strip,although it's easier and only around $15 for a cab.
    also if you head towards tonopah you may want to look at "millers rest",it's a rest area just before is free and a good spot to get your head down for the night,but no hook ups.
    have a good trip.
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    Default If you ever find that citation.... I will pay a bounty!

    Quote Originally Posted by Triton147 View Post
    Im planning a trip next summer starting in LA up to San Francisco on to Yosemite, Grand Canyon and finally to Las Vegas.
    Sounds like a great holiday road trip! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Every so often we read comments like:
    I read somewhere that Death Valley is unsuitable for RV's
    on this Forum and we are always baffled about the source and/or meaning of these comments. If you ever find that reference again and can share it with me -- I will pay you a bounty (of some kind). Hundreds, maybe thousands of RVs visit Death Valley each year and I have "camped" in RVs many, many times in RVs. In fact, one of my most memorable birthdays was celebrated inside a giant dust storm in our RV in Furnace Creek, Death Valley!

    Here are some of our favorite route suggestions that cover most of your route.

    If this is a rental -- here are a couple of articles you ought to read.
    An overview of RV rentals
    A new book about RV holidays
    A checklist you ought to print out and take with you
    An overview about RV campgrounds.

    Happy Planning!


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    Thanks very much thats really helpful


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