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    My wife and I are planning a corvette trip this May from NJ to the Grand Canyon. Would like to do about 50% highway and 50% scenic roads. We have about 3 weeks. Any suggestions.

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    Default unscenic highways?

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    I'm assuming that by highways you mean Interstates? Its pretty hard to make it across country without using some sort of highways. There are also some interstate highways that are plenty scenic as well.

    Having said all of that, a real route itinerary might have you go down through the smoky mountains, work your way west through St. Louis and Kansas City, over to Colorado, and then slowly work your way over to the canyon via the mountains roads of Colorado and into Utah.

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    Default 50/50 either way


    Without denigrating any particular part of the country, you will have about half scenic and half not-so-scenic roads no matter what route you take.

    Seriously, finding scenic drives in the East and West is easy. You can use a couple of strategies for crossing the Great Plains.

    1. Hit the Interstate and push the limit to get across as quickly as possible (the best way to get a speeding ticket in a Vette).

    2. Get off the Interstate and take a parallel highway, or a historic one like Route 66, so you can see the countryside. Really, it looks different from your lower position on a 2-lane blacktop. And you get to go through some charming towns instead of waving at their water towers as you go speeding by on the freeway. Try to do some of this going at least one direction. (I've driven the Interstate from Denver to St. Louis dozens of times, but I never felt like I understood that vast stretch of land until I did it all on back roads, most of which you can do at 60-70mph).

    For maximum scenery once you get to Colorado or New Mexico, just look for the wiggly roads through the mountains. There are lots of them; they go to interesting places (historic towns, national parks and ancient Indian sites), and you'll be able to say you've seen something of the American West.

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    Give you some idea's to travel from Denver to GCNP. I70 is a wonderful interstate, one of the most scenic in the country with passes over 10.000 ft (General Eisenhouwer tunnel, Vail pass.) Visit Colorado NM near Grand Junction, leave I70 at exit 214. Drive 128 and see the ghosttown of Cisco. Now you're entering Moab with 2 of the most spectacular NP's. Arches NP and Canyonlands NP. Also Dead Horse Point on your way to Canyonlands Island in the Sky is equally scenic. At least 2 days in Moab. Now you can make the detour via Cortez Co and visit Mesa Verde. Visiting Mesa Verde NP will take most of the day. If you want to skip Mesa Verde drive 191 south and visit the Neeldes section of Canyonlands NP also possible on your way to Cortez. At Blanding take us 95 to Natural Bridge NM for a visit. Then drive 261 south to Moki Dugway with endless views. From Moki Dugway you might visit Muley point on a 4 miles dirtroad. The descend off Moki Dugway is spectacular. At the foot is the 17 miles dirtroad drive to Valley of the Gods (high clearance recommended) and to your right is the short paved drive to Gooseneck SP. Also great. In Mexican Hat see the Hat and on your way to Monument Valley stop at milemarker 13 for some classic photo's. Then visit Monument Valley. You can drive your own car (not allowed with a renta car) or take a Navajo guided tour. Takes 2-3 hours. From Monument Valley to Kayenta, to Tuba City (maybe visit Navajo NM). Have a taco at Cameron Trading post and enter the east entrance to GCNP south rim and make Desert View your first stop.
    I would take at least 5 days between Denver and GC.

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