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    Anyone has any suggestions for more scenic roads in the way to Vegas when starting from the North-east? More preceisely, starting from montreal. My initial plan would be to try to get most of the historical route 66 on the way down.
    Are there any other National Scenic Byways in or arround Vegas that are "must-see"? I'll be there this spring and only for a couple of days (3-4). Also, any suggested roads for the way back up north??

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    Since you want to do most or all of old Route 66 on the way to Vegas, that will put you through Chicago and then take you south to St. Louis, Oklahoma City and then westward. On this leg, then, I'd suggest getting off the 401 freeway and take ON-2 up the St. Lawrence River Valley and then south of Brockville use the Thousand Islands Parkway before returning to ON-401 to Toronto and ON-402 to stay north of Detroit.

    On the way back, you can take the opportunity to take some all new roads and make a giant (if very narrow) figure '8' by first heading north up I-15 from Las Vegas and then strike out eastward on I-70 through eastern Utah and central Colorado. Stay on I-70 to St. Louis where you now stay south of your previous route by taking I-64 through Illinois into Kentucky with a possible stop at Mammoth Cave. Then once in Virginia, you can head up the spine of the Appalachians on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. In the unlikely event that these roads are still snowbound in the Spring, I-81 is a pleasant alternative. Near Hazleton, PA take I-80 east to East Stroudsburg where US-209 will bring you north through the Delaware Water Gap and put you on I-84 to I-87 up through the Hudson River Valley and back to Montréal


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