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  1. Default Lake Ontario and then thru the Adirondacks

    Hi there!

    I'm going to be cruising thru New York state from Montreal in mid-May, taking I think highway 87 thru the Adirondacks. Any noteworthy stops along the way? I also want to stay at some sort of B&B somewhere along there. Heard of any good ones?? Also, do I need to be scared of the road of weather during that time??

    I'm thinking of flying into Buffalo and seeing Niagara Falls, then driving around Lake Ontario to hit up Toronto and then Montreal. Good route? Anywhere I should stop around the lake??
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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I-87 through that area is quite the beautiful drive. While you may encounter some adverse weather conditions at that time of year, most likely it will snow squalls more than anything else.

    Your best chances of B&B along this route would be in the Lake George area and possibly further North near Lake Placid.

    It sounds like there is more to this trip, however. About how much time are you planning on spending on the road?

  3. Default a more detailed itinerary

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Basicallly I am defintely flying into Buffalo, and definitely ending up in NYC. ( from San Diego....renting a car...)Initially I was just going to drive across New York, but then I thought it looked cooler to go thru canada and then come down highway 87. I'm thinking it will take me about 4 days to get to NYC. Should I allow for more time? Or go a different route??

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