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    Default Coast to coast canada

    Hello everybody, I'm new on the forum. I was searching the web for some info about my trip im planing and then i found RTA which i find very helpfull.

    Im from Europe and my road trip plan isn't done yet, but the idea is to travel from vancouver to halifax throu canada for about 8 weeks. A car rental would be needed and the costs would be seperated in two. The goal is to have a trip not neccesary on the highway all the time and to see as much great scenery and famous places on the route. Accomodation should be versatile, like chain-hotels, bed&breakfast, etc...One of the goals is to see the scenery of the route, eat local food and meet some great people and having lots of fun.
    The route should go from vancouver via edmonton(maybe throu calgary), next phase is edmonton-winnipeg, w'peg-toronto-ottawa-montreal-quebeck-halifax. That are just points the route is open, therefore i'm here to hear any good meanings of you. where to go, what to see, etc....
    A lil' reminder I'm from Europe, i come from another corner of the world:)


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    Default a pretty easy task

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    8 weeks will give you plenty of time to cross the country, althoug you could just as easily spend all of that time exploring a small section, like the Canadian Rockies.

    One of the nice things about Canada in relation to your trip is that Canada doesn't have the volume of freeways that the US does, so in many cases following those 2 lane roads that that you through the heart of towns can't be avoided. Even the Trans-Canada highway is only 2 lanes for large sections.

    So having said all that, I think I would just make this a take things as you go type trip. I wouldn't worry much about the details, and just take things as they come. If you find a place you like, spend a little extra time there. Keep talking to the locals as you make your way across the country, and using that very valuable information to find some great hidden gems.

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    Default Trans-Canada

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Sounds like an ambitious, and fun, long term trek, and eight weeks should allow you plenty of time to wander around a bit. There is only one route that completely traverses Canada and that is the Trans-Canada Highway. In places it is four-lane, controlled access (motorway/autobahn/autostrade) but much of it is simply two-lane blacktop. In the west and east of Canada, you will have the choice of a couple of basic routes with lots of local roads, but in the Great Lakes area especially, there is only a single 'choice'.

    I'm not sure what you mean by splitting the costs of the car hire, but you should start pricing this out early as it may end up being fairly expensive, both because of the time you'll have the car for and because there will be a substantial drop-off charge for leaving it in Halifax when you took it from Vancouver. There are tons of major hotel chains in North America, and I am not familiar with how prevalent any of them are in Canada or with those that are unique to Canada.

    Just a few suggestions to get you thinking about your trip...

    While in Vancouver, spend a few days and take the ferry over to Victoria, and drive up the west coast of Vancouver Island a ways. As you cross the Rockies of BC on the Trans-Canada, you'll be going through a chain of national parks including Glacier, Yoho, and Banff. At Banff consider a detour to the north to see Jasper as well. After Calgary you'll be out on the plains and this will be a great time to get off the main road and see some of the smaller communities, lakes and rivers. Doing so will at least break up what could otherwise be a long trek on a relatively uniform main road. At Sudbury, ON I'd suggest another detour down to Toronto and Niagara Falls, then along the north shore of Lake Ontario and through the Thousand Islands region of upper the St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence is the heart of French speaking Canada, so brush up a bit, it will help. In particular Québec City is very protective of its heritage and is a great walking city. Also take one of the narrated horse drawn carriage rides through the old city. South of Moncton, NB be sure to spend about 12 hours around the Bay of Fundy so that you can see the tides there, which can range up to 12-15 meters, Finally, two places in NS - The Cabot Trail which is a roadway around the Cape Breton Peninsula in the northeast corner of the province and Peggy's Cove on the Southwest coast which is often referred to as the most photographed village in the world.


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