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    Hi everyone,
    it's my first post and i hope i'm in the right and my girlfriend are planning a trip from Mexico (we live here but i'm italian and she's british) to canada at the end of January, i'm surfing the net for info and i was wondering if someone knows if it is a problem to cross the canadian border with a mexican car , how many days can generally a Meican car stay in canada and if it is eventually possible either to sell the veichle or to change the plates to canadian plates.
    We are planning to travel the west coast up to vancouver , if anyone can give me usefull info it will be very nice.
    I know is a lot of questions but i hope someone can help me.
    Thanks and congratulations for your great web site,

    have a safe trip,


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    Default Contact Canada

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The kinds of questions you are asking really go beyond the scope of what I would feel comfortable with getting as sound advice. In other words, these are legal questions that you really should contact Canadian authorities for the answers before you go.

    Crossing the border itself with a Mexican car in and of itself probably wouldn't be a problem. Trying to sell it or convert it to a Canadian car would be extremely difficult. At the very least, I would expect that you will have to pay some significant taxes and duties - that would probably cost as much if not more than the value of the car itself.

    Again, that is just speculation based on a real rough guestimate of what you'll need. I would strongly recommend trying to find an answer by contacting the Canadian consulate or the DMV in British Columbia.

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    Default An Additional Mechanical/Legal Sticking Point

    As Michael points out, this is really not an area where you want to rely on the kindness of strangers for advice. You will need to contact Canadian authorities sooner or later, so it might as well be sooner. One additional thing to consider besides the tariffs and paper work is the differing safety and emission laws of the three countries you will be dealing with. In particular, if you plan to change the ownership and registration of your car to Canada, you will have to be able to show that it meets ALL Canadian requirements in place during the year of its manufacture. Finding out what those requirements are, and meeting them is not as simple as whether you have seatbelts and the proper lights, but will include the specifications on your engine's electronics chip and valves, the test strength of various structural and connective members, and a host of others.


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    Default No Legal Advice Here


    I am not trying to provide any legal advice here, however, just two weeks ago I bought a car in Dallas Texas and drove across the US into Toronto Canada and registered the car. This is my second time doing this as I did the exact same thing back in 2000 when I moved from Dallas to Toronto.

    Process is simple and easy and you need the original title and a recall letter from the car manufacture. Below is a link to a Canadian site which talks about how to buy a car from the US (from Canadian perspecitve). It also talks about what is the process once you have the car in Canada to register the car. Also below is a link to RIV web site which is the Canadian authority for importing cars.

    You should also contact the Mexican government as they may have some requirement for exporting a vehicle from Mexico. I know US does.

    Hope this helps:

    Registar of Imported Vehicles
    Guide on Importing Cars from the US
    A poll about Canadian auto prices
    P.S. If you plan to register the car in Canada be ready to pay up to 21.6% of the vehicle value in taxes and duties depending on where the car is built.
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    Default Helpful links

    Thanks for this information -- it is a topic of frequent query around here.


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    Thank you very much john, i'll check the links immediately

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    hi everyone,
    i'm about to start a long roadtrip from Mexico to Canada and i was wondering if somebody can suggest me were to buy an online insurance for my mexican car that will cover usa.Or is it better to buy one at the border? Thanks for your suggestions!!

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    Default Check with your insurance compnay

    Check with your own insurance company in Mexico. When I moved from the States to Canada, My American insurance company said that my policy would be in effect in Canada. Similarly when I bought a car in the states (while living in Canada) and tried to bring it back home, my Canadian insurance company told me that I was covered for damage in the US from with my Canadian policy.

    So, check with your insurance company in Mexico.


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