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    Hello there, this is my first time roadtripping and needed much help. I am planning to first fly into Florida and stay there for couples days, then take a roadtrip back to Arizona. I plan to do this in the last two weeks of Dec. I would like to ask the following:

    1. Any recommendations on places to visit in FL since I will be staying there for couple of days, and on the raodtrip back to AZ including places like New Orleans, Huston, San Antonio, and El Paso?

    2. What weather should I be expecting from FL to AZ? I am not looking forward for a cat 5 hurricane blowing on my way.

    3. On my roadtrip back to AZ, should I make reservations for motels, and will it cost alot if I just crash in on the same day?

    Thanks in advance =).

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You won't have to worry about hurricanes, since the season comes to an end in November. Your biggest threat of severe weather would likely come in the form of ice, although its impossible to tell what exactly you'd face until you get a little closer to your trip.

    As far as reservations go, I rarely make them, however, since this is the holiday season, if you've got a specific place you want to stay on a specific day, then I'd prebook. Check out this article for a few more thoughts on the subject.

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    Default The Nature of RoadTrips

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    RoadTrips are organic at their very heart. There are no absolute answers to any of the questions you ask. The best any one can do is to offer some insight into what choices you have to make. The first is what to see. That is a very personal decision and is the reason people take RoadTrips and not packaged tours. You seem to have a preference for cities, so while in Florida, be sure to check out the attractions of Orlando (mostly theme parks), St. Augustine (mostly history), Daytona (especially if you're a road racing fan) and Tampa if you want major league without going all the way to Miami. On your way west, besides the cities you mention, look into Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Tucson.

    Weather cannot be predicted more than a few days in advance, so expect the unexpected. Even though it is unlikely, you can possibly run into severe weather including ice storms anywhere along that route in the winter. Every motel I've stayed in recently has the Weather Channel on its TVs. View it religiously every night before you go to bed, and every morning before you set out. If you run into bad weather that makes you nervous about continuing, just pull off and find a motel for the night. The amount that you will pay extra for taking the 'rack rate' (what you get for just walking up to the front desk unannounced) and a reserved room rate is probably going to be about 10%. If you're a member of AAA/CAA you will get this 10% discount anyway. In any event, the extra cost for taking rooms on the fly rather than pre-booking is going to pale compared to the one-way drop-off charge for your rental, so don't sweat the small stuff.



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