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  1. Default Vegas to Palm Springs and back again!

    Hi all.

    I am planning a trip leaving Las Vegas Monday 24th December(AM) heading to Palm Springs for 3 days and then driving back from PS to LV Thursday
    27th December (Leaving AM).

    I have several questions regarding this trip. I understand that one of my options would be to take the fast highway route which will take about 4 hours 15 mins. I have also been told there is nothing but desert between the two points. This is incorrect isn't it?.

    Although this route sounds straightforward, as I am travelling so far across the Atlantic to do this trip it would be a real shame to not take in some of the mountains, forests or national parks and beautiful scenery this area has to offer whilst we drive along. As we probably won't have time to go on any long hikes or go to far off-route.

    I was hoping to find a route that is well sign posted, will take no longer than 5hours 30 mins, that an unfamiliar tourist with a hire car could cope with easily that would enable us to take in some of the spectacular scenery with some stop off points to refuel if necessary and grab a bite to eat with a coffee.

    Any tips, points of interest, routes or hidden gems that you could let me know would be very much appreciated.

    I am a gardener and am interested in allsorts of flora and fauna if that helps in your advice.

    Kind regards.


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    Default Four significant mountain ranges in between

    Quote Originally Posted by AgavePaul View Post
    .. one of my options would be to take the fast highway route which will take about 4 hours 15 mins. I have also been told there is nothing but desert between the two points.
    It is always puzzling when I see a phrase like that. Do you remember the parable of the blind wise men and the elephant? Each tried to identify the "strange creature" they were examaning within the strict constricts of their perceptions. So... yes, it is basically a desert between Las Vegas and Palm Springs. There are also four significant mountain ranges between these two points with a variety of geographic features and life zones. There are about 100 mines, abandoned mining camps and small ghost towns between these two places. Depending upon your route there is also a national preserve and a national park. There are also a series of cities and towns -- starting with Primm, Baker, Victorville, Devore, San Bernardino, etc. So, welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    If the roads are not icy or snow-covered on the 24th you might be able to reach Palm Springs within 4 hours-15 minutes using I-15 and I-10, but I doubt it. You need to allow five hours for this trip. I actually think of the locals routes would be more interesting. Here is one and the other is to cut down through the Mojave National Preserve at Kelso. Since you like flora -- I would certainly suggest that you use the Cima Road (exit 272) - and marvel at th size of some of the Joshua Trees here -- the Joshua tree on this page was captured there. (That article also details some of the fauna I have found there!) Another way is to go south on US-95 -- here is description of that route.

    If you take some of the scenic detours -- you need to allow 7-8 hours for the journey (it can be done faster, but there is plenty of cool stuff to see along the way).


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