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  1. Default Moving across country Tampa to SLC

    I am weighing the cost vs benefit of self-move (rental), Upack style move and having a company pack and move our goods. We'd like to make the move in early January.

    I see here (and elsewhere) where the majority of people recommend Penske rental for the DIY, but no rec's on a moving company, so far.

    Question: how much will the gas cost on a 16-22' diesal truck (don't know yet how much I will actually take with us). I do know we will take at least one BR, LR, DR, K and several boxes of books and other household goods. No appliances, however.

    I wanna do this smart and inexpensively as possible.

    Any ideas - things we should think of?

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    Default Something to read

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd start by reading this thread, which has a great first hand account of someone who chose the U-Pack option after thinking about renting a truck.

    I'd say the Diesel Truck will cost you about $850 in fuel. I think you'll get about 10 mpg, but Diesel costs about $3.50 a gallon or more right now.

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    Default Moving options

    The important thing with DIY moves is that the vehicle is in good repair. With certain companies, this can be a crapshoot. The most recent move I participated in involved us driving around an International from about two decades ago and a manual transmission that seemed to be missing a gear (or two).

    There are varying reports about having somebody else do the move. That may be a good option, especially considering the weather may not be the most cooperative at that time of year.

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