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    Hello guys/gals,

    In July of next year me and my g/f will be flying into the US from the UK to begin our traveling holiday right up untill mid november, we have a basic list of where we want t go and a route (sorta):

    fly into new york and stay there for a week
    drive onto detroit,
    then onto chicago,
    do a bit of route 66,
    head up towards seattle,
    drive down the west coast all the way to san diego (taking in LA, san fran, vegas etc etc

    then across arizona and texas before tennessee then on to washington then back to new york to finish

    does anybody have any tips for us (this will be our first road trip) and our main concern is somewhere to stay each night and a car to drive,

    So my questions lol:

    Anybody know of any good car rental companys that dont charge the earth for being under 25?


    the names of some good motel/hotel chains we can use accross america,



    P.S i will be 23 when we do this roadtrip

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    Default Five months or?

    Quote Originally Posted by kid rock View Post
    we have a basic list of where we want t go and a route(sorta):
    Is this going to be a five month road trip? If so, it looks pretty grand -- Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! That is a lot of miles -- how much are you budgeting for this adventure?
    Anybody know of any good car rental companys that dont charge the earth for being under 25?
    You might look into Adventures on Wheels -- here is a field report.


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    hello mark,

    thanks for the welcome

    the trip is going to be about 3 1/2 month journey, but since posting up yesterday our trip has changed lol

    we are now flying into atlanta,
    driving upto washington then on to new york state ( to see niagra falls)

    accross to detroit

    then the windy city

    across to seattle, down the entire west coast taking in san fran, LA, san diego, then on up vegas, across texas towards tennesee then back to atlanta to fly out, but if we have time, will dip into florida (have been there lots before so not on top of our list but always fun there)

    and the best deal i have found so far for car rentals is carhire3000, as i will only be 24 for about a third of the journey then turing 25 i wont have to pay the extra supplement, any good hotel/motel chains you can reccomend??


    P.S was a type-o with my age in the first post lol

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    Default no strong preference

    I've never had any strong preference with motel chains, although I've had enough bad experiences with dirty rooms at Days Inns that I'll usually avoid them. I also avoid Motel 6, unless they are much cheaper, because while they are usually the cheapest on paper, but they never offer any breakfast and sometimes even make you pay extra for basic things like shampoo or soap.

    Otherwise it depends upon what you need. Some chains offer things like free internet access, and that might be important to you.

    This thread has Moderator Gen's take on hotels and other budget lodging, which you might find useful.

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    thx for the link michael will defo have a look into some of them.

    Well we have the flights and car hire booked now, British Airways was cheapest for flights and we got our car hire through spoke to a nice guy there called charlie and he was really helpful (car hire ended up being with dollar but got it cheaper by using carhire3000)

    so roll on July 16th 12:20pm London Gatwick

    Si :)

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    Default West Coast leg

    Hello Simon-

    What a trip you have in the planning stages! I'm envious!

    A small handful of comments, hopefully made without incurring the ire of the West Coast majority here.

    Seattle to Southern California- While the Pacific Coast is scenic like few other places on earth, I would not personally want to invest the time to drive the entire Coast Highway. The parts I was on last month (San Francisco to Malibu) were spectacular in every sense, no doubt. By the time my two days were up, however, I was ready for something else. Maybe that's just me.

    Chicago to Seattle- I'd spend a lot of time in Montana and Wyoming. Western and Southwestern MT and most of northern WY are just amazing places.

    California- The trip including the Coast Highway segment was my first ever trip to California. I had the pleasure of transiting part of the Mojave Desert from Las Vegas, NV to Victorville, CA and I also traveled from Ventura to Salinas well into the interior, through a dry lake bed area called Carrizo Plain National Monument, thence up to Choalme and beyond, finally popping back out on US 101 at Salinas. That part of CA can give MT a run for its money, in my opinion. Very lightly trodden and spectacular, big-sky scenery. The variance in landforms was my favorite, being a geologist by training if not by occupation.

    California back East- The Hoover Dam was a very worthwhile stop for this geologist and his builder son. We enjoyed the Grand Canyon, too. The Blue Ridge Mountains and Smokey Mountains are enjoyed by millions, too, especially in autumn when the colors can be stunning.

    I don't road-trip enough to comment on motel chains, only to say I'd hit a number of Super 8s in 2002, from Montana back to North Carolina, and had very good experiences at each of them. Last month, the Super 8s along I-40 from NC to California were, well, not so great.

    Have a great trip.


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    Default We are just noisier than others

    Quote Originally Posted by Foy View Post
    A small handful of comments, hopefully made without incurring the ire of the West Coast majority here.
    This is pretty funny -- About 77% of the members of this Forum hail from point EAST of the Rocky Mountains. Fewer than 4% of the members of this Forum live on the west coast but many of us live or work in the "west" -- so perhaps that is the source of that observation?


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    Default Must be

    I was just thinking of the many posts by what appear to be Western US folks. I certainly have not attempted to compile hometown stats from the profiles.

    Might it be that the overall forum members are heavily Eastern-based, but the larger share of posts arise from the fewer but more prolific denizens the Great American West?


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    thanks for the tips foy, will keep that in mind about the west coast,

    One main reason for doing it is that we are going to go to San Fran, LA, San diego etc etc so the coast (north to south so can be on the sea-side of the road :D) seemed the best to link them all, plus i love a good sun set lol

    Just need to start saving so we can afford it all lol

    Have found to be VERY cheap for finding hotels/motels and like there you specify the price bit!


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