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    Hey! My name is Carolyn. I am a college student trying to plan a road trip for about a month in the summer going from NY to California and then possibily to Wilmington, NC (so we could stay at my house there and crash for a few days to rest up before heading back to NY). I have a few Questions:
    1. Is a month a sufficient amount of time to set aside for this trip?
    2. What is the best route for this trip (which includes hitting chicago, colorado, las vegas)?
    3. Do you have any cool sight suggestions that we could hit on the way?
    4. Do you have any cool sight suggestions we can hit in California? (we plan on going from northern cali to southern cali)
    5. How much money do you think a trip like this would cost? (A rough estimate would be perfect)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A month is enough time to do this trip. It sounds like you've already got a basic route laid out, going through Chicago, Colorado, and Vegas working west, back up to Northern California, down the coast and back across to North Carolina.

    As far as your budget is concerned, There's no way to even give you a ballpark because there are way too many variables. Your sleeping plans, your eating plans, How much fun stuff you plan to stop at, your mode of transportation will all have a huge impact on what your ballpark expenses will be. Having said that, this thread should give you the basics to help build your budget.

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    Default It's a Long Road

    Hmmm... You're probably looking at a minimum of 6,800 miles to do everything you've set, although 7,000-8,000 miles is more likely once you start veering off the main road to start seeing stuff. Still, that's quite doable in a month as long as you average around 250 mile a day. That is a lot of driving.

    The most efficient way to cover the cities and sights you've listed would be to take I-80 to Chicago and beyond. Drop down on I-76 in western Nebraska and eastern Colorado to Denver, and then I-70 through the mountains of Colorado. From Green River, UT, take US-6 and I-15 up to Salt lake City and rejoin I-80 for the rest of the way into San Francisco. From San Francisco, you'll want to take your time and enjoy the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) down through Monterey and Carmel, along Big Sur and ending up in Los Angeles. For your return leg, I-15 to Las Vegas, and then U#-93 down into Arizona to pick up i-40 east to Memphis where US-78 down to Birmingham will make a welcome change of pace. The I-20, I-95 and US-74 will get you to Wilmington. Then it's I-40 (west!) to I-95 and back to New York.

    Just a few of the highlights within detour distance of this route would include some Great Lakes shoreline, Rocky Mountain National Park, Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon, Graceland, and the Outer Banks.


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    Default Budgeting Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by cmetz48 View Post
    5. How much money do you think a trip like this would cost? (A rough estimate would be perfect)
    Here are some tips about how to make a road trip budget plan that makes sense for your own style.


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