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    I'm planning a first night in Reno, but then have no idea regarding whether a stop is warrented somewhere in Nevada to explore. Also, the plan is to travel solo, but would certainly consider a passenger. Where would I advertise that possibility?

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    San Francisco to Reno is a relatively easy first day at only 220 miles and certainly leaves time for either a late start, leisurely drive, or early arrival. The next day, however, is over 500 miles across some relatively harsh landscape. Now I did enjoy the one evening I spent in Elko, while driving north-south through this area. It's sheep country with a heavy Basque influence. But there's not too much along this stretch that screams out for a visit, unless you're a land speed aficionado, then Bonneville should certainly be on your agenda. Your final leg down to Phoenix is over 660 miles and much of it is on two-lane highways, so I'd recommend that you consider breaking this up with a stop in southern Utah or Page, AZ. If you can give this two days, then you can concentrate on driving the first day and take a detour through Grand Canyon National Park on the second day.

    As for looking for someone to go with you, there is a forum right here called Share the Gas.



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