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  1. Default Son is Driving Burbank to Seattle between Dec 4 & 8

    My son is moving to Seattle this week. Any tips on my son driving safely upon Interstate 5 between Tuesday and Friday this week? Heard it can get bad in the Siskiyous Mountains between Mt. Shasta & Medford ... so to avoid driving the pass at night. What are best sites for road weather conditions? Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Default Take his time, be safe and leave tomorrow...

    According to the weather forecast, Ashland Oregon and area is forecasting Rain/ Snow showers for Thursday. (a few rain showers Wednesday afternoon and evening expected). Temperatures at night below freezing.

    Depending upon your son and his confidence and abilities (that's your call, not mine) -- you might encourge him to make it to the Willows- Redding California area on Tuesday night, and then push over into the Williamette Valley of Oregon for the next night, if he's going to make it a 3 day trip. That would put him over Siskiyous Pass before snow hits on Thursday.

    If he does a 2 day trip, my concern would be not driving too much for a solo driver each day -- it'll be long days each day. Hence a push to Willows/ Redding, and then over the passes into somewhere like Eugene or Corallis or Salem the next night, and then on into Seattle the third day -- trying to drive just during the warmer daytime hours, of midmorning to near sunset.

    Other than that.. just sensible stuff..

    - If you're concerned about an area for weather, try to hit it midmorning or later, when the weather has had a chance to warm up. This also gives the Dept of Transportation folks time to clear and check the road if necessary for hazards. Also when the sun goes down and the temp drops, find a motel and enjoy a leisurely evening where its warm.

    - Don't be a nut about driving fast. Be cautious and be safe. Don't push it... it would be better to be holed up in a hotel room and extra day, than fixing the car after it gets pulled out of a ditch.

    - Cell phone (for the parents and to call for rooms and etc), emergency stuff in the car (just in case) and emergency money and a list of hotels/ motels in key areas would be appropriate I think. Chains if you have them...

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    Default 511 System is working in the three states

    Quote Originally Posted by Concerned Mom View Post
    My son is moving to Seattle this week.
    Well, that sounds exciting for everyone! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    Any tips on my son driving safely upon Interstate 5 between Tuesday and Friday this week?
    Slow down and enjoy the views. Weather outlook is looking pretty good for the rest of this week. I would suggest that he carry the DOT (Department of Transportation) road conditions hotline phone numbers in his car and stay apprised. The 511 system is also fully engaged in the three states of California, Oregon and Washington. Here are some winter driving tips. And for a real thrill (for you) you can see real-time road conditions in Oregon right now! Click on the map in the places you want to view. It will bring up road advisories and more detailed maps. [The black icons are information screens, the blue icons will bring up current road cams].

    He will be fine.

    12-04: I just used those links (above) and despite the record flooding in in the Seattle area and dire warnings about the passes in Oregon -- if you look at the images -- traffic is moving fine, the roads are clear (albeit damp) and so I think you should not be too worried.

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    Default Pacific Storm is a doozy

    Here is an on-the-ground report from Moderator Judy.


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