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    Hello everyone,
    My daughter just got a job in Santa Cruz California. She has decided to drive out and wants me to go with her.(Then I'll be taking a flight back to Connecticut). She wants to hit a couple of National Parks on the way. We have 10 days. What would be the best route? I,m thinking the southern route 40??, though it looks like we could still hit some inclement weather. How long do you think it would take to get to California if we drive about 6-8 hours a day?
    Thanks for you input.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 10 days, you shouldn't have any problem. Even if you only drove 6 hours a day, you could cover the distance in 9 very easy days, so you'd even have a full extra day to handle weather if it should slow you down.

    As far as a route goes, I-40 would be fine, although I would worry more about what you want to see and build your route around that.

    You didn't say when you were traveling, but assuming this is a winter trip, weather will always be a wildcard. You could hit snow no matter which route you take, but you could also find perfect conditions for your entire trip too.

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    Thank you Michael for you input.
    We are planning on leaving the day after Christmas. My other daughter lives in Colorado and she wants us to go on route 70 instead, so we can visit her for a day. I told her I was afraid of the weather and she informed me that "Colorado has snow plows".
    Funny girl. What do you think of traveling route 70 in December? Then Going south on 25 to Sante Fe to visit friends and on to 40 to California, maybe stopping In Death Valley N.P.

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