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    I am in the military and am getting transfered. I start school in the middle of Feb and have to drive all the way there while my household goods are being shipped to NY where I am being stationed. My only worry is, I have a small two door sports car, and have to travel over some mountain passes to get to my destination. I am planning on leaving the end of January, heading to Utah to visit family, then to IL and OH to visit as well, before heading to Virginia. Time is not a problem, my concern is making it with a little sports car over the mountain passes, then eventually to upstate NY in April. Help!

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    If you are traveling on the Interstates, you have virtually nothing to worry about. The Interstates are set up with very gradual slopes, which allows loaded down semi's to make the trip on a daily basis.

    If the weather turns bad, you'll probably be best off waiting a little while for the worst to pass, but Interstates get excellent snow plow coverage, and its rare for a section to be closed for even a full day in all but the worst of storms.

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