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    Default Summer 2011 - 6 Months On A Motorbike

    Hi there everyone!

    My name's Steve and I'm brand new to these boards although I've done a little browsing. I've just started to plan my 'great adventure'. I'm planning to do a six month road trip, hitting 48 states, around 21,000 miles, all on a motorbike.

    At the moment I'm 21, so when I go I'll be 24. I'm aiming to have at least $20,000 available for the trip.

    Due to the length of the trip, I reckon renting is not feasible. So that leaves me with the option of buying a motorbike and as I'm British that's obviously a little bit of a problem. I do have a couple of friends that live in California that I could use as an address. Is this the only obstacle I need to overcome, or is there more things I need to consider in this area?

    Also do you guys think that $20,000 will be enough money? I hoping to buy a 7000 or so bike, and the rest of my equipment should be about 3000 which leaves 10000 for the actual trip.

    As I said I've only just started to plan out this trip. No definite route yet. If you guys have any other advice/point to make please say. I'd love any input you guys have.


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    Default Think Long and Hard

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When you say you're going to travel all over the United States for 6 months on $10,000, you need to realize that another way to put this is that you are planning on being homeless and living at or below the poverty level for half a year AND planning to have a good time. I just don't see how those two things go together. Everything will cost more than when you live at a fixed address because no matter how well you plan, you will have to by all of your meals one at a time, you'll have to find lodging every night, and you'll be spending way more on gas than you're accustomed to. Even if you can get by on $20 a day for meals ($3000+), get 50 mile to the gallon on your bike ($1300), only stay at campgrounds ($3000), get minimum insurance coverage ($500), and limit yourself to $10 a day ($1800) for all other entertainment on this trip, you will use up your entire budget on a very bare-bones existence. All of this is, of course, possible, including getting the bike properly registered, licensed and insured, but you need to come into this with your eyes wide open and understanding that this trip will not fit most of the world's definition of 'fun'.


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    Thanks for that shove into reality.

    I really do need to think about the money situation. I planned on having one cafe meal a day and the rest I will cook/unwrap from stuff I'll buy at local supermarkets. I guess that does add up to $20.

    Hopefully I'll have a couple more thousand saved up by the time I go. It's hard to judge what my savings will actually be at that point. The thing I'm hoping will bump them up a lot is that I'll be leaving university 8 months before I leave. In that time I plan to work full time and live back with my parents so I'll be paying no rent and hopefully to able to save up a good block of money.

    Aside from money, do you foresee any other problems? I just ordered a book called 1000 things to see in america and canada before you die, so I'm going to plan my trip around that!

    Also, during my trip I want to pop in and out of canada a few times. Does anyone know the legistlation for going into canada for a few days on an america registered motorbike as an englishman?

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    Firstly join the American Motorcyclist Association its only 30 dollars a year and if you renew your membership by credit card you get a free breakdown service.This is vital.Also you will get discounts at different hotel chains and its well worth it.Discounts also available on shipping the bike home if you want.I would also suggest getting a copy of The Harley Davidson Road Atlas of North America this gives lots of scenic rides etc.Also it gives all laws pertaining to motorcyclists in the different States.dealerships are also listed.Tje book will fit into a tank bag i cannot recommend it highly enough.One suggestion if you can leave the bike with friends break the trip up into maybe three trips it would be easier on the pocket and you would have something to look forward to.You can get insurance by the month Policy wiill insurance foreigners in the U.S. about 200 a month.If you can store the bike youcould do the maintenance yourself. Tom In Galway Ireland[/U]

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    Default Welcome.

    Hi Tom, welcome to the RTA forums !

    Thanks for dropping by with your first post offering advice. Although the original thread starter hasn't looked in for a couple of years, hopefully he will as his planned trip nears. If not, I am sure your advice will be of good use to many others.

    Enjoy the forums and other RTA pages !

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