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    Hi I'm lexer a 23 year old guy making a solo trip from miami,fl to Los Angeles, CA I would like to know any information possible about making a trip like this for examply hotel stays, Roads to go on, Site seeing spots, etc. I would deeply appreciate the help. I'm planning on leaving after the holidays sometime around January 1 or the 3rd.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is a whole host of Planning Tips available here, so start by browsing through those resources. Hotels/motels are really not hard to find. They are all along the highways of America and you will never be all that far from one. Whether to make reservations or just find a place to stay each night as the mood strikes is a personal choice that is much discussed throughout these forums. Your routing is a fairly straightforward shot up I-95, the Florida Turnpike, and I-75 to I-10 and then just follow that to Los Angeles. Since it's nearly 2750 miles to L.A., you'll need to schedule at least 5 days to make the journey, more if you really want to take the time to see some things along the way. Just a few recommendations of things places that might be worth a look include Mobile Bay, New Orleans, the Alamo, White Sands, Saguaro National Park, and Joshua Tree National Park.


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