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  1. Default Need advice on a Texas to Wyoming Roadtrip this Summer

    My family is planning a roadtrip from Texas to Wyoming this summer. We would like to take 2-3 days driving and see some sights along the way. Any recommendations on best route, places to see, and stay would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Starting and Ending

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Texas and Wyoming are pretty big places, so its hard to give a route or recommendations on places to stay when you are talking about such vast variables. Also, what sorts of things are you interested in seeing along the way?

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    Default Point of origin?

    Where are you starting from in Texas?
    Where are you planning on going to in Wyoming - or is there any definite destination?

    Will this be your first road trip of this magnitude?
    Are there any young family members involved in this trip? You will want to adjust plans accordingly.
    What kind of lodging will you be looking for - camping, hotel/motel, other?

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