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    Myself and a few other friends are planning a road trip for summer '09, I know its far away but i always find it easier to plan things in advance. Anyway, my question is, will it be easier to rent a car during our stay in America, or easier to just buy one, there are two reasons I ask, the first is that we will be in America for about two months (haven't finalised how long yet), the second is that we will all be 21 when we are in America, and I have been looking around and most rental companies require you to be 25 in order to rent a car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The question to rent or buy comes up quite often, so there are plenty of threads around discussing the pros and cons, like this one

    Typically, it depends on the situation, but in your case, if you've got lots of money up front, and ability to waste a couple days of your 2 month trip dealing with the necessary hassles of buying a car, it could be a cheaper option for you because of your age.

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