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    Hi there All!

    We are coming over to California in Juanuary 2008 and have come up with an Itinerary that I wanted to run past anyone that may be able to share their experiences. We arrive in San Fran and depart from LA airports back to the UK. We realise that we are going back on ourselves a little but were not able to book a flight back from Las Vegas. We really wanted to do the costal route rather than Yosemite (plus were concerned about the snow etc).

    Day 1 - Arrive San Fransisco PM
    Day 2 - San Fransisco
    Day 3 - San Fransisco
    Day 4 - San Fransisco
    Day 5 - Moro Bay
    Day 6 - Los Angeles get there PM
    Day 7 - Los Angeles
    Day 8 - Los Angeles
    Day 9 - Death Valley
    Day 10 - Las Vegas
    Day 11 - Las Vegas
    Day 12 - San Diego
    Day 13 - San Diego
    Day 14 - Los Angeles
    Day 15 - Fly Home AM from Los Angeles

    We were thinking about popping over the border to Tijuana, but have heard mixed reviews about it, any thoughts.

    We would really appreciate your thoughts.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Your basic plan looks fine, and the basic route is very very popular. We've got a few hundred posts on the area already on the forum. Links to some of our favorites can be found in this thread

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