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    I am planning to drive home to Pennsylvania from Idaho about two weeks before Christmas. I've made this trip several times before on I80 and I84. My concern is the weather in mid December. I'm traveling with my 2 year old in my small SUV towing a small uhaul trailer. I'm looking for any advice I can get as far as the best route, alternative routes if there is bad weather, should I stick with the tried and true or is there a better option that would be best no matter what the weather? I am not really on a time restriction, just want to be home before Christmas. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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    Any cross country route, from I-10 to I-94 can see winter weather in Mid-December, but I-80 is probably the single best one in a very general sense. It has a relatively small change in elevation, and when it does get snow, the snow removal teams in Wyoming, Nebraska, etc are very well equipt to deal with the conditions.

    That doesn't mean that you can't see a good storm that will shut down the freeway for a time, however those delays are typically limited to only a day or two in even the worst storms.

    If there is bad weather when you are about to head out on your trip, I'd be looking at I-90 or I-94 as your best detour options.

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    As Michael has pointed out, it is quite possible for any transcontinental route to experience significant adverse weather in the winter. What would be extremely unusual is for three such routes, separated by several hundred miles, to all experience bad weather at the same time. Fortunately you are in almost the perfect position to take advantage of three such routes. As you and Michael note, I-80 is the most direct at 2250 miles. (I'm using Twin Falls and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre as my end points for mileage purposes.) But if that road is getting snow you can look either north to I-90 (2400 mi.) or south to I-70/I-64/I-81 (2525 mi.) without paying too great a premium on miles, time, or cost. With 300-350 miles separating the northernmost from the southernmost option, I'm sure you will find that one of those routes will work for you when the time comes. As always, your best bet when travelling in winter is to research your options before hand, and then be ready to alter your travel plans as need be. Once on the road, you should also keep these winter driving tips in mind.


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    Thanks for the prompt and helpful responses, I already feel a little less apprehensive.

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