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    Default First roadtrip advice

    Hi all
    Am new to your site, myself and my partner are going on our first roadtrip in march/april next year, we are hiring a 32' class a motorhome from, and our planning to travel around California in about 28 days. Is this reasonable do you think.

    I just have a couple of really silly questions.

    Is it ok going to malls, supermarkets etc with a vehicle this size?

    We are planning on travelling north from los angeles on highway 1, with all these hairpin corners is it suitable with a vehicle our size.

    Just a few pointers would be appreciated, we have read all the books but sometimes you cannot find the answers to the niggly questions.

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    Default It happens every day

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Operating with an extra large vehicle always a little challenging, but shopping areas really shouldn't be much hassle. You'll just want/need to stay well to the back of the parking area, where you won't have to deal with as many other cars or deal with tight turns. Motorhomes also use CA-1 every day. You'll have to go slow, and you'll want to take advantage of the overlooks, to both enjoy the views, and to give other drivers a chance to get around you.

    Before you rent your RV, check out this article, and then take this article with you when you go to pick up your RV!

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    Default How about a shorter rig?


    March/April should be great time to visit California, just be careful about traveling in the high country in those months. Deep snow storms are not unheard of as late as the end of April.

    If it is just two of you, why 32' (that is what I drive, but we travel for 4-6 months at a time)? If you don't have experience with a rig that big, it can be a handful, especially on roads like Highway 1 (don't make that the first leg of your journey, regardless).

    Yes, you can get a 32 footer in and out of all but the most poorly layed out mall parking lots and gas stations. But, without a car in tow, you'll find there will be plenty of places you just won't be able to visit conveniently, if at all.

    Our first motorhome was a 23 foot class C and it was perfect for getting into almost any place a car could get into, including parallel parking at a meter in San Francisco!

    Were I you, I'd look at the shorter 24-25 footers, at the longest (you still get a slideout and you don't have to climb a ladder to go to bed). I think you'll have a more relaxing trip. And you'll probably save a bunch on rental costs and fuel.

    All that said, California is a great state to see from an RV. Have a blast!

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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