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    Since every year I get 2-3 weeks off of paid holiday vacation my girlfriend and I decided to take a road trip to visit different members of her family. We are going to start here in Austin, on Wednesday night (the 19th of December) and will first be heading towards Columbus, OH. We will stay there with her Aunt for 2-3 days and will head out to her Mom and Dad's place in Eau Claire, WI. We will end our trip at the end of December give or take a day back in Austin.

    The main reason why I am posting on here though is for tips and advice on things to do between the 3 main stops. We are both adventurous and love to get off the beaten path. My truck is winter ready and I am not worried about driving in any weather condition. We really want some wonderful memories and good times from this and any tips offered would be great. The exact route isn't planned just yet so we are open to different ideas too.

    Also, we may or may not be bringing her Cat. It depends on if she can find someone down here to watch it. So please keep this in mind too.

    Thanks again for any tips and advice offered. We appreciate it very much.

    Dave and Jamie.

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    On the way up to Columbus, look at heading east first across Louisiana to Natchez, MS so that you can take the entire Natchez Trace Parkway up to Nashville. Then head up I-65 and visit Mammoth Cave National Park. Between Columbus and Eau Claire, make a stop at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore before plunging into the effort of getting by Chicago, and for something a little unusual, make this stop in Baraboo, WI. Finally, on your way home, I'd recommend that you follow the Mississippi for a while. In particular, check out Nauvoo, IL, St. Louis and Ste. Genevieve, MO, but also there are any number of wonderful small towns to explore along the Great River Road. If you do end up bringing your cat, check out these tips.


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